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  1. LeaderJ

    XF 1.5 Need Help. Fatal Error: Memory Size Exhausted

    My site was displaying the following error. I thought it might've been a bug in the software so I attempted to upgrade to 1.5.4 from 1.5.3, but now the error happens halfway through the upgrade, and I can no longer access the XenForo Admin CP. The website now displays as if it's closed for...
  2. LeaderJ

    XF 1.2 BB Code Buttons No Longer Showing

    Hello, Just installed XenForo 1.2 today. I'm using the Animate theme by XenFocus on my site, After upgrading to 1.2, when composing a new thread, or replying to one, the BB Code Buttons which usually appear at the top of the editor no longer appear. I've gone to the...
  3. LeaderJ

    Website Title Not Working

    Hello, I recently switched my website's style theme to an older, and in my opinion, nicer style that was discontinued. After switching, I noticed that our website's title no longer displays the title I have set in Options > Board Information. Instead, it displays the current URL of the page...
  4. LeaderJ

    Custom User Fields not displaying in messages

    Hello, I have a custom user field set up that allows people to enter in their Minecraft game username on registration. I have the option "viewable in message user info selected" ( as well as "show custom user fields" ( in the Style Properties...
  5. LeaderJ

    Duplicate [Suggestion] Option to base new user groups on previous groups

    Hello, One thing that can get quite tedious is when you have to create a lot of user groups with the same permissions. Instead of going through and checking the same boxes each time, I think it would be easier if when creating the new user group, you had an option to base the permissions on...
  6. LeaderJ

    XF 1.1 How to successfully move from one website host to another? / An unexpected database error occurred.

    Hello, I've recently moved from iPage to Hostgator. The file system on iPage was different then Hostgator. On iPage, there was only one main folder, similar to Hostgator's /public_html folder. I uploaded the xenforo files from iPage to /public_html/forums on Hostgator. I went to...