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  1. thisisabraham

    Is a Facebook Community as good as a Forum Community?

    Everyone knows how easy it is create and run a Facebook group. With the popularity of Facebook growing, a large chunk of the audience on community forums have shifted to Facebook groups. Now, the biggest question that arises is whether Facebook groups is as good as a community forums? Could...
  2. thisisabraham

    Setting up your Forum for a high Search Engine Ranking

    Every forum owner dreams of their forum showing up on the first page of Google Search for at least one or two keywords. Imagine getting hundreds of new visitors pouring into your forum on a daily basis, wouldn’t that be great. While getting on the first page or rather anywhere in first 10 pages...
  3. thisisabraham

    10 ways to Promote your Forum on the Internet

    Growing an audience for a forum is not as simple as it seems. After all, your forum is just a tiny particle in the internet galaxy. Relying on word of mouth is just not enough to bring in the numbers. First, the forum owner needs to know exactly who their audience is and where they are present...
  4. thisisabraham

    What are the best ways to increase traffic to a forum?

    A useful blog post which may be used to start off the discussion... 7 ways to Increase Traffic to your Forum The real indicator of a forum’s success is the consistent growth of its membership and activity levels. Many forums reach a certain growth and get stuck there. Forum owners often are...