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  1. kr.sh.nr

    Other Member list export

    I have looked all over for an addon that will allow me to export members with names, email addresses, and custom user fields. @Joibjorn what success have you had? Are there any known easy to use add-ons available?
  2. kr.sh.nr

    New User Cannot Post Links?

    @Steve Freides the setting for this option is user Option > TAC StopHuman This setting page will allow you to Set conditions for signature / links / homepage & stop Posts with banned words. Double check your TAC StopHuman setting
  3. kr.sh.nr

    Mandrill reputation - confused

    I also use Mandrill and was wondering the same. After some research, this is what I found... Mandrill uses many heuristics to define an account's reputation. We look at how many bounces, spam complaints, unsubscribes, and failed content reviews the account has to set the reputation value. So...
  4. kr.sh.nr

    XF 1.4 Email Alerts on New Thread

    I believe I'm using this add-on to achieve what you're looking to do - [bd] Forum Watch for XenForo 1.2+ I have it set for ALL Administrators to receive email alerts for All New Threads and All New Comments. Has worked well for me. Looks as if Zynephix has also recommended the same. I just...