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  1. Kyle12

    Won't fix Empty Quotes trigger Alerts.

    Same sort of thing as this other Bug Report I filed Bypass 'Please enter a valid message.' post restriction. You can trigger highlights with bogus empty messages, while in reality they contain an empty quote of the target. See the below example (If you're a mod). Otherwise, quote the user and...
  2. Kyle12

    Won't fix Bypass 'Please enter a valid message.' post restriction.

    You can bypass the the "Please enter a valid message." restriction pretty easily. All you have to do is use empty bbcode tags (Bold seems to reproduce it fairly easily). See the below post for an example. Sorry if this isn't considered a bug. Kyle.
  3. Kyle12

    Lack of interest Variable/Relative links to your own site in Posts.

    If you're trying to host both HTTP and HTTPS (TLS) on the same Forum, if someone were to post a link to lets say XenForo. The client is browsing the site on a different domain, the URL should change to http(s)://DomainHere.tld Hopefully this makes sense. XenForo already does this with...
  4. Kyle12

    Not a bug Feed invalid URL with Login.

    A feed with a URL like this: http://whatever@gmail.com:Meh@gmail.google.com/gmail/feed/atom/ apparently is invalid. I'm assuming it's a regex issue. EDIT: Just to clarify, I'm logging in, and this is a valid URL.
  5. Kyle12

    Duplicate Media Embedding with 'Add a Link to content within BBCode' Issue.

    So if you embed something like this (Assuming XenForo's site has this enabled): You'd get a link. Now when you edit, assuming 'Auto-embed media, and add a link to the content within this BB code:' is enabled, the media will be embedded twice, and so forth. If this doesn't work, sorry for...