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  1. Pankaj Biswas

    XF 1.1 Too Much Spam Issue

    Hi there, In my forum I am getting too much spam posts tough "Email Verification" and "Captcha" are enabled for user registration. I want to know if there is a way to limit newly registered users ability to post link and images to a certain post counts etc, or any other suggestion to stop the...
  2. Pankaj Biswas

    XF 1.1 New Thread Post By Sending An Email?

    Is it possible to setup such feature - User sends email to a specific Email address and new thread is created with "Email's Subject" and "Email's Content" to a specific node?
  3. Pankaj Biswas

    XF 1.1 Iframes in Threads?

    Hi there! How can I include an iframe into threads? Any ideas?
  4. Pankaj Biswas

    XF 1.1 How to decrease database size?

    Hello! I don't know whether its an issue or not - today when I logged in to my hosting account and moved to databases section I saw the size of the Database Used By XenForo Installation at http://entforo.com is of size 175 MB. Is it something unusual? Because my website doesn't have so many...
  5. Pankaj Biswas

    XF 1.1 How To Create Custom Cron Job

    hi! Can u guys help me out to add a new corn job to my forum? Such as - how can I add a corn job which will fetch posts from another website or RSS feed and post that to a specific forum? :rolleyes:
  6. Pankaj Biswas

    FONT SIZE Dropdown Issue With Google Chrome

    Hello friends! In my forum http://entforo.com I am having issue with the FONT FAMILY & FONT SIZE dropdown of the EDITOR. If someone clicks that it opens but closes immediately after opening!! Its happening with only Google Chrome. :( After closing if we use navigation arrows then it works but...
  7. Pankaj Biswas

    How to show notification to newly registered users?

    Hey folks! I want to show notifications to those users who have ZERO posts in the forum. Any idea how to do that? For example, if a user have post count ZERO then a simple notification box will appear below the header saying -