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  1. fingon

    XF 1.5 MySQL error: Connection timed out

    This happens after I moved database to another server as I want to optimize loading speed. Web server: Data server: here is my.cnf Any ideas? thanks
  2. fingon

    Add-on Hello. Looking for an addon about SMS verification。

    Members receive a sms to activate account.
  3. fingon

    XF 1.5 Daily Clean not works

    I was found that DAILY CLEAN in cron is not working. With execute DAILY CLEAN manually, the xf_search still have 12.7GB data. Before: After:
  4. fingon

    XF 1.5 I was replaced domain in mariadb but pictures in posts still can not showing

    I was stored my image with a sub-domain:att.oldone.com After I changed my domain, I replace all att.oldone.com to att.newone.net in database and I'm sure nginx conf of pic server is correct, but pictures with BBCODE in posts still shows X. What should i do? rebuild cache? but I did found...
  5. fingon

    XF 1.5 Very slowly on listing threads in node

    I've using DEBUG MODE to check what happened and this is the reason: Any methods can help this? My server: L5630*2 32G RAM 120G SSD+1TB SATA CentOS6.8+PHP7.0.17+MariaDB10+NGINX1.10.3+Memcached1.4.36 XENFORO1.5.12 Thanks.
  6. fingon

    Where to set connection time?

    Unable to Connect to tcp://s3-ap-northeast-2.amazonaws.com:80. Error #110: Connection timed out --- s3.ap-northeast-2.amazonaws.com ping statistics --- 482 packets transmitted, 482 received, 0% packet loss, time 482188ms rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 176.029/176.579/178.473/0.411 ms How to set...
  7. fingon

    MG 1.1 Hello, how can i remove original medias to save space?

    I know XenGallery has this feature I want to know that XFMG has it too? It will save many diskspace. thanks.
  8. fingon

    How to add parameter after image url?

    Hello. I want to know how to add parameter to attachment images, for example: this is normal url http://www.mysite.com/data/attachment-files/2015/12/11_a21f979cfdba18bccdd29e536058f68d.png I want to add parameter after the url ,like this...
  9. fingon

    MG 1.1 Is there a way to add some words after the image link?

    When someone uploads an img to my site and the img url will be "http://xxx.com/xxx.jpg or png" . Because I stored files in Qiniu Cloud and it supports style images with different Style Separators like '/' or '_' , the example link is http://space.qiniudn.com/sample.jpg-styleName For me, I...
  10. fingon

    Add-on hello, I need someone help me to modify addon

    The Attachment Store I need add 1 option to save attachments to Qiniu or tencentyun. Tell me what you need to know abou the SDKs. I just need 1 of these 2(Qiniu or tencentyun). SDK : qiniu/php-sdk · GitHub tencentyun/cos-php-sdk · GitHub please read the SDKs and give me a price ,thanks
  11. fingon

    MG 1.1 how to show media albums when insert medias from gallery to post?

    Because some members has too many medias(images) in different albums , it will makes members confused when they try to insert images from gallery to posts. I want to set it as list the albums in Your Media. sorry for my poor english and thanks
  12. fingon

    XF 1.4 hello, how to award trophy to member who registed in the year 200x.

    member who was registed at least x days - 365 days with this all the members awarded(on my test server the newest member registed in 2013). and then i added 10year trophy member who was registed at least x days - 3650 days with this the members who registed in 2005 has awarded. the problem...
  13. fingon

    XF 1.4 only shows the first page

    when I finish my conversion, only first page can view ,others are all blank. I've tried 2 times(rebuild position and post counters, and another time not choose this) to rebuild threads but still same. I have 2.4M threads and 33M posts and there shows statistics like this Forum Statistics...
  14. fingon

    XF 1.4 In the rebuild page there shows 3.5m threads my forum,but in MSSQL it's 2.4m

    In the rebuild page there shows 3.5m(still growing) threads in my forum,but in MSSQL it's 2.4m threads :confused:
  15. fingon

    XF 1.4 Hello,some members in my old forum has same emails, how can I convert them to XENFORO?

    I m using a tool to add members to xenforo as new member registration. Some users using same email address, how can I add them to xenforo? thanks
  16. fingon

    My forum has 290K users and 30M posts and I need some suggestions

    Like how powerful server I need and how to optimize it. Is Linode 8G plan enough? And please give me other suggestions ,thanks ;);) Here is the Peak Period Statistics(Not very often but sometimes will be very high like this): 136K IP/ Day [Average weekly] and 2.6M PV /Day [Average weekly]
  17. fingon

    XF 1.4 Which tables will be modified when reg new users and appear new posts?

    Which tables will be modified when reg new users and appear new posts? My progarmmer trying to move my old MSSQL+ASP forum to XENFORO,but he dont speak english, so I'm here to ask. :(
  18. fingon

    XF 1.4 hello, how to encrypt plaintext password to xenforo?

    My forum using MSSQL and plaintext password how to encrypt it? plz tell me, i will translate them to my progarmmer. thanks :(
  19. fingon

    Hello,I want to move my forum to Xenforo,but what's the password encryption?

    My forum using plaintext password now. How to convert password to XENFORO 1.4.5? Please tell me exactly, I will translate to my programmer(I m a chinese and just the Forum owner, not the programmer:)). thanks:LOL: