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  1. diywm

    XF 1.2 My bookmarks are gone

    Looks like the changes I made to my forum have caused the members' bookmarks to die. I introduced a new category level, pushing all the forums down a level. I also played around a lot with permissions - switching bookmarks on and off a few times. Would that do it? If so are they lost forever?
  2. diywm

    XF 1.2 Limit Monthly New Threads

    I need a way to limit the number of new threads that a user in a certain usergroup can make to certain forums. Mine is a paid one-on-one support forum and I am trying to find a way that different user groups can be allowed to post different numbers of questions per month according to how much...
  3. diywm

    XF 1.2 How To Close A Forum

    I am using Xenforo V1.2.1 What is the correct way to close a forum? I want the posts to remain visible to the members, but I don't want them to be able to add any more to one particular forum. For example what would I do to close the Genesis Club Plugin forum below. Is the best way to...
  4. diywm

    How To Move Reply?

    I can see how to move a thread, but how do you move a reply? One of my users has replied to the wrong post and I'd like to move it to the right place.
  5. diywm

    How Do You Use The Resource Manager?

    I am new here having just moved our forum from IPB to xenForo. My forum is paid one where members pay a subscription to have access to our tutorials and support. I want to make a short course that I charge for that would only last for say 8 weeks. Normally this would be done as part of a...
  6. diywm

    Mark Thread Unread?

    Is there a way to read a message someone has posted, not deal with it straight away but leave it tagged in some way such that you know you have to come back to it? Once I have read a message the thread it is in, is visibly marked as seen. How can I mark it as something I have to come back to?
  7. diywm

    Need Help With BBCode For Wistia Video Embeds

    Wistia provide two types of video embed code. I've set one of them up successfully, by adding an entry at BB Codes Media Sites Options on the Admin CP. But I can't figure out how to do the other one as it contains more than one variable and the options panel only appears to provide for one...