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  1. Thanatos

    Granular permissions or sharable public image link in private album

    My original thread is here: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/question-about-permissions.131869/#post-1163331 This was a feature of coppermine and many popular web hosting galleries like Fotki. You can post an image or have a image in/or as a signature and host it from one of those...
  2. Thanatos

    MG 1.1 Question about permissions

    So I have a roommate that was using copermine gallery on our site. We ended up upgrading to a new version of mysql and php because were getting charged for using older versions. We went up to php 7 and coppermine doesn't work on that, so we got the Xenforo Media Gallery. My roommate uses the...
  3. Thanatos

    XF 1.4 Database error

    Greetings, This morning I found my site down due to a database error with MySQL. The error was in the xf_session table and said it had crashed and needed to be repaired. I found the command to repair the table and did so and it didn't fix the problem. I did a repair on the database but it...
  4. Thanatos

    Add-on Paid: Chat Module

    Greetings, I need to see if someone can develop an add-on chat module. None of the existing ones have the look and feel of what I need done as I'm trying to make it copy a particular style of chat software that has gone out of service for a niche community. This is a paid project, has become...
  5. Thanatos

    Add-on Shoutbox that supports 1.2.x

    Looking for a shoutbox that supports the latest incarnation of Xenforo. Not looking for a paid solution.