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  1. DragonByte Tech

    AdminCP menu oddities when scrolling

    The left side menu in the AdminCP goes haywire when you have a lot of entries and you scroll up and down again: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w1h8akafyy49b8j/xf2-sidebar.mov?dl=0 Fillip
  2. DragonByte Tech

    [Developer Tool] Text / URL structure for alerts, independent of templates

    At the moment, if you wish to add support for 3rd party push notification services like OneSignal, developers are forced to either hard-code support for only the built-in XF2 notifications, or manually render the alert template and strip HTML. Both of these options are sub-optimal. Hard-coding...
  3. DragonByte Tech

    [Developer Tool] Improve "Analyze permissions" back-end to allow for easier inheritance

    Recently, I took it upon myself to write a system for permission inheritance for the new FlatContentPermissions / AbstractFlatPermissions system, in order to allow for eCommerce products to inherit permissions from categories as well as from the global scope. This was very easy to do; all I had...
  4. DragonByte Tech

    Fixed Can't install importer add-on

  5. DragonByte Tech

    AbstractField field type: PHP Callback

    I want to add a custom thread field that produces a drop-down of licenses relevant to the forum the thread is being posted in. Since I can't pre-create the drop-down choices, I would need to be able to generate the options via a PHP callback. I'm sure there's ways I can hack this to work just...
  6. DragonByte Tech

    Cannot reproduce Breadcrumbs are incorrect with nested categories

    Consider the following structure: Expected result: I would expect to see "Home -> Forums -> DragonByte Technologies Product Support -> Modifications" when viewing the "Test" node. Actual result: I see "Home -> Forums -> Modifications" when viewing the "Test" node. Fillip
  7. DragonByte Tech

    addon.json "require" isn't checked on enable

    So I realise that this is somewhat working as intended just now, but I'm reporting it as a bug because it can have some significantly detrimental effects. At the moment, it is possible to disable an add-on that other add-ons depend on. The end user has absolutely no way of knowing this has...
  8. DragonByte Tech

    XF 2.0 Spam cleaner & profile posts

    So I'm looking through the test XF2 import from vB4 for DBTech & eCommerce, and the "Latest profile posts" block is full of spam that I had no idea about. I can't seem to find a way to spam clean via profile posts: Is this not supported via the spam cleaner or am I blind? I have never used...
  9. DragonByte Tech

    Implemented In member_macros : member_action_buttons - Add hooks before / between / after button groups

    At the moment, it is only possible for 3rd party add-ons to add new action buttons inside one of the two existing action buttons. If my button doesn't fit inside any of the existing buttons, there's no easy (or any?) way to create a new button group at the moment. Can we please have...
  10. DragonByte Tech

    Fixed vB4 Import: InvalidArgumentException: Received invalid UTF-8 for string column [username] src/XF/Import/Data/EntityEmulator.php:93

    I am trying to import from a iso-8859-1 charset (language) / latin1_swedish_ci (database) to utf8mb4. Fillip
  11. DragonByte Tech

    Cannot reproduce Changing a permission's permission_group_id does not update xf_permission_entry table

    Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a permission, f.ex. group ID dbtechEcommerce and permission ID viewLicenses 2. Set permissions for a user group and/or a user to something other than No (unset) 3. Change the permission's group ID to f.ex. dbtechEcommerceAdmin 4. Unprofit: This may not be a...
  12. DragonByte Tech

    XF 2.0 [macOS] GitFinder: Git integration with Finder

    (Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with GitFinder or ZigZag in any way, nor have I been compensated now or in the past. I provided feedback during the Closed Beta and Open Beta process, but I purchased the release version at full price.) If you're running Mac OS and you use Git to host your...
  13. DragonByte Tech

    Site is terribly unstable after the CloudFlare installation

    I'm assuming CF was only installed just now because the site died for about 5-10 minutes with a HTTP 520 I think it was, and then I got the "your browser is being checked by CloudFlare". Now, every time I reload or browse, randomly the request will get stuck and just never process. EDIT: I got...
  14. DragonByte Tech

    Fixed <xf:numberbox> doesn't work with field-adder or Mustache

    Given the following code: <xf:numberbox name="cost_amount[{{ mustache('product_cost_id') }}]" value="{{ mustache('cost_amount') }}" min="0" step="any" /> Loading it produces a blank value: HTML source: <div class="inputGroup inputGroup--numbers inputNumber inputGroup--joined"...
  15. DragonByte Tech

    Fixed Easier way of extending the PayPal payment variables

    At the moment, there is no way for me to add additional parameters to the $params array used in XF\Payment\PayPal without overriding the entire initiatePayment function. Could you please change the code to the following: /** * @param Controller $controller * @param PurchaseRequest...
  16. DragonByte Tech

    Fixed Can't delete payment profiles

    I receive this error when attempting to delete payment profiles: Fillip
  17. DragonByte Tech

    Fixed deleteWidget in AbstractSetup does not appear to delete the MasterTitle phrase

    Calling $this->deleteWidget($widgetKey); in the uninstaller leaves orphan phrases: EDIT: Just to confirm, it does actually delete the widget correctly, just not the phrase. Fillip
  18. DragonByte Tech

    Fixed Importer: the "silent" flag to insertMasterPhrase is useless

    Related to my question here: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/correct-way-to-clean-up-orphan-title-description-phrases-on-uninstall.143376/#post-1226145 I'm testing an importer, and after receiving an error that a phrase already existed when importing content that uses MasterTitle, I...
  19. DragonByte Tech

    XF 2.0 Correct way to clean up orphan title/description phrases on uninstall?

    So I'm using the "MasterTitle" style of generating translatable titles for a few parts of my product, but since they don't have an addon ID associated, they don't get removed on uninstall. If I add the addon ID, they get exported when I export a new phrase XML, which is not desirable. I don't...