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  1. Skyfail

    DDOS attack

    Probably not since it looks like a Layer 7 attack that just doesn't get filtered by Cloudflare. Without any configuration Cloudflare plans below Business don't help you that much, you should look into the WAF which has some Anti DDoS rules that you can enable and as already mentioned the under...
  2. Skyfail

    unknowncheats pls

    unknowncheats pls
  3. Skyfail

    Can I setup a a xenforo free landing page with a paid xenforo membership forum?

    User Upgrades by Waindigo has an option to force a user to buy a subscription when registering.
  4. Skyfail

    Checking password and finding out user groups

    Hi, I need to create a external usercheck which also gives me users group ids. I could not yet figure out: Where the password hash is saved excactly How the group ids are saved in the database I would appreciate every help :) Skyfail Edit: I found a very great way. There is a xenAPI...