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  1. racersimage

    XF 1.5 White pages and database errors when upgrading and installing addons

    I'm noticing more and more often that when I start to install an addon, doesn't matter which one, most recent issue was the Xenforo Media Gallery 1.1.0 RC1 that after starting the upgrade, I'll eventually get a white page and numerous database errors. My site is acting like it's failing to...
  2. racersimage

    Copy/Paste Tables.

    Looking for an easy way to copy/paste tables (spreadsheets). I'm currently using an add-on from B* that appears to be down right now and was banned by Xenforo. Not interested in having to enter a bunch of code to achieve the same thing I can now by copy/pasting. If that developer can do it...
  3. racersimage

    Statistics addon by date range?

    Wondering if there's something available that would allow me to pick a custom range to sort statistics by? For example, if I wanted to run a yearly posters contest, is there a way that I can display the top posters from January 1, 2015 to January 1, 2016?
  4. racersimage

    Current Forum Viewers

    Looking for an addon that lists on the main forums page the number of viewers per individual forum. Like this. I've reached out to the person in this post with no reply.
  5. racersimage

    Topic of the Month addon?

    I used to have this for vBulletin. Would love to have something like it for XenForo. I run a collecting community where members show off their collections regularly in a specific forum. In the first post of every topic in that selected...
  6. racersimage

    XF 1.3 Random threads not being refreshed to show a reply using IE9

    One of my members is having a problem where he will reply using the quick reply box and the page will refresh as it should after submitting a reply but his reply does not show up. He has to refresh the thread again for it to show. Seems to happen randomly. He is using IE9...
  7. racersimage

    XF 1.3 How to change "New" flag color.

    I was wondering if there was a style property for just the "New" flag or how to change it? Thanks!
  8. racersimage

    XF 1.3 Conversation border offset style problem

    Hi! I'm attaching two images. The first is what my message layout is in a thread. The next is what it looks like in a conversation. For some reason the messages in the conversation aren't aligned properly and do not have a border all the way around them. Same for the text box. There's a...
  9. racersimage

    XF 1.2 Adding a fixed image outside of the border attribute?

    Hello, I'm trying to add an image to the outside of a border. This is my current vB site and I'm trying to add that outer metal image to my xenForo site and this is what I have so far. I thought I had found a topic that...
  10. racersimage

    Display number of unread posts mod?

    I'm looking for a mod that displays a page individually unread posts since last visit for each member. I know that there's an unread topic mod but but I'm looking for posts. Ideally it could show up as alerts. Like this one. Thanks,
  11. racersimage

    Import after setup?

    Am I able to setup the forum and get the look the way I want it and then import from my vBulletin site?
  12. racersimage

    Is a repeat import possible?

    I'm importing everything from my vB 3.8 board but I'm not ready to go live until I can get an album and a rewrite Ebay link script but I want to be ready when they're released to go live. What I'd like to know is if I can re-import everything again when that time comes and would the system skip...
  13. racersimage

    Rewrite Ebay Links

    Would love to have this ported over.
  14. racersimage

    Link rewrite?

    I currently use this addon on my vB 3.8 site. Ebay is my primary source of income and this is the only modification that I really need. What I was wondering is if xenForo has a way to redirect links posted on the fly to an affiliate link...