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  1. Mayers

    Want to mass move members to a different group

    After importing from vBulletin I want to move a large number of members from user group 9 to user group 2. What query would I run to do this? Thanks - Marc
  2. Mayers

    Profile Gallery

    I'm looking for a profile gallery system that would allow members to upload pictures to their profiles and allow other members to comment on them. If something like this could be released that would be great :)
  3. Mayers

    What will your 1st XenForo be?

    With Tuesday quickly on it's way, I was wondering what your first XenForo forum will be about? Converting from some other software or starting a new project? What are your plans :)
  4. Mayers

    addonChat - Ever use it?

    I was wondering if anyone has ever installed and used addonChat on their sites before? I was thinking about getting but wanted some feedback on it. I currently use IRC but have been looking at this as a alternative. Do your members find it easy to use? Is it worth the $80? Ever have any...