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    As designed [2.1] <xf:h1 hidden="true" /> does not remove "Add bookmark" link in custom pages

    Hi, in 2.0 I created a "portal" page using widgets and removed the display of the page-title with above code. In 2.1 this still keeps showing the "Add bookmark" to the right in the header-line. Is this intended or a bug ? If not a bug, what can be placed in a page/template to remove the "Add...
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    Did anyone try Alexa flashbriefing with XF ?

    Hi, over the weekend I played a bit with Amazon Alexa and stumbled over a post where people added their (rss)feed (mainly wordpress) to Alexa's Flashbriefing. The steps itself are easy, only drawback is that Alexa does not like the format of the threads/posts presented. I tried with my forum's...
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    Fixed Multiline fixed notice hides submit-button

    Scrolled all the way down, but can't reach submit: If you resize Browser-window until "responsive", it shows up: Default style, same behavior with Chrome & FF. I for now set the notice to "dismissable", so that users can continue. But it should not be. -Markus
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    Fixed Album title & album description not found while searching

    As the title says, no information regarding the album itself seems to be indexed/searched. I am using ES and did rebuild ES index and caches. Is this intended (which would be bad) or a bug ? TIA, -Markus
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    Fixed Template xfmg_album_view missing phrases

    <xf:if is="$album.rating_count"> <dl class="pairs pairs--justified"> <dt>{{ phrase('xfmg_ratings') }}</dt> <dd> <a href="{{ link('media/album-ratings/ratings', $album) }}" data-xf-click="overlay">...
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    MG 2.0 Mass create categories ?

    I have to create 100+ categories and want to use SQL (as I got a textfile containing the names). Looking at the table xf_mg_category and some manually created entries there I wonder, what lftandrgtare used for and what values I would need to provide. Can I leave...
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    XF 2.0 Style properties reset to default on upgrade ?

    Hi, this morning I did an upgrade of my 2.0.7 (with the 2 files patched to 2.0.9) to the current 2.0.10. The style properties that I customized (header logo in options as well as some extra-less in the style properties for header-row) where reset to default (eg. xenforo logo). Is this by...
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    XF 2.0 Need for upgrading the importer ?

    Hi, we are live a few weeks and used the VB importer to migrate. With the new version of the importer addon released yesterday I wonder, do I need to upgrade the importer as well ? Obviously it will not be used for importing anymore. Can / should I uninstall it ? (I did not because I was not...
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    XF 2.0 Avatar indicates user posted in thread but thread has zero answers

    Hi, a member sent me a screenshot where his avatar is shown in the small edge of the thread-starter indicating that he has posted to this thread. Interestingly nobody has posted an answers. I suspect a caching issue, but which XF cache stores the "user has posted x-posts in thread" ? Is this the...
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    XF 2.0 "New Posts" Widget ?

    Hi, I created a simple page as a portal following Rob's guide here So far, so good. I created a new widget based of "new posts" but this gives me the "view more" link at bottom. The behavior is very confusing for the users...
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    XF 2.0 Can one dynamically pass/alter options of widget-instances ?

    Hi, I created a page and reference widgets via <xf:widget key="widget_key" />, also passing a position sometimes (eg sidebar). Question is: can I pass here as well some widget-specific information overriding the setting in the widget-instance definition ? Esp. I want to be able to dynamically...
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    XF 2.0 CSS select multiple classes (remove avatar only in a specific widget)

    Hi, in one post it was mentioned that .avatar { display: none !important } removes the avtars everywhere. Works. Chris D. mentioned in one post, how to search & apply CSS only in a specfic widget .block[data-widget-id="14"] { some css } Question is, how can I combine these ? Thanks...
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    Fixed "Threads with your posts" not imported

    Hi, does anybody know how the "Threads with your posts" work under the hood ? (in which table(s) is this info stored ?) The importer did not bring over this info and I am looking for workarounds to get the information manually over from the old VB database. Anybody got some experience with that...
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    Duplicate Subscriptions for Threads are not imported

    Hi, we went live yesterday with our forum after migration. Users complain that all their "watched" threads were not imported. I admit, I did not test that :(. Looking at the VB3-table "subscribethread": Looking at XFs "xf_thread_watch" they are very similar in structure: As I retained IDs...
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    Lack of interest Enhancement request: Birthday widget

    Hi, it would be great if the widget would offer the options to specify date-limit for inactive users order by age instead of username (possibly also allowing to set sort-order) Thanks, -Markus
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    Fixed vb3.6 import: [E_NOTICE] Undefined index: options

    Hi, fresh install XF 2.0.6a with Importer 1.0.1a bumps out with above error message while importing custom BB Code: #0 src/addons/XFI/Import/Importer/vBulletin.php(1750): XF::handlePhpError(8, '[E_NOTICE] Unde...', '/srv/www/flippe...', 1750, Array) #1 src/XF/Import/Runner.php(160)...
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    XF 2.0 Can I set a link to a particular notice ?

    Hi, we are in the process getting a VB3 to XF2. In our VB3 we have a dedicated "rules" forum, where only threads of type "accouncement" live. In each forums description we added some text and set a link to the relevant rules-thread. Importing that in XF2, all the announcements in that...
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    XF 1.5 Need idea to migrate a VB3 "poor man's medal system" to XF

    Hi, we want to migrate from an old VB3 (active since early 2000) to XF. They have implemented a custom string-field managed by the admin containing years a memer did a donation like this: {2003}{2006}{2008} and so on. InVB3 there are replacement-templates for each year, that replace eg. {2006}...