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  1. Kaiser

    How has the recent PageRank update affected your forum?

    Well when I heard that it was updated I was so happy because it was about time.. I was expecting only about a PR1, but when I went to check it I saw that is now ranked at a PR3. We went straight from PR0 to PR3 in the 6 months that we have been around. Hopefully its the same for you...
  2. Kaiser

    Directory Software recommendations?

    Well I have been planning for awhile to add a Directory for my forum AdminBB, the thing is I dont know which software to use as there is so many scripts around on the net. Do you guys have any recommendations for any scripts that I should give a try? I am looking for something that will be...
  3. Kaiser

    How to mass move all threads from one forum to another

    This is just a simple guide on how to move all threads from one forum to another on your XenForo. If you have huge amounts of threads in a certain forum which equals to alot of pages, it can be difficult to go from page to page selecting all threads to move them from one forum to another. (Been...
  4. Kaiser

    Database error?

    Dont know if it was just me but it happened to the website and the forum..
  5. Kaiser

    Whats your forum's Alexa rank?

    Whats your forum's Alexa rank? (Must be a XenForo Forum) AdminBB's Alexa rank as of today is 239,043 Anyways just know that your Alexa rank constantly changes, since I checked 2 days back I have seen a major increase and improvement.
  6. Kaiser

    Do you update your forum immediately when there is a new update?

    Do you update your forum immediately when there is a new xenforo update or you like to wait and take your time? I usually wait a few days to update my forum just in case the newer updates consist of any major bugs. And generally unless its a major update I wont upgrade as soon.
  7. Kaiser

    sql query for approving moderated posted?

    Well I just did a import of another forum db into my forum, and I have 300+ something moderated posts so is there a sql query I can run to approve all the posts? Edit: Looks like I messed up on the title :P
  8. Kaiser

    Import - Conflicting users

    In the import I am sorta confused, which users are the "conflicting ones" the ones I am importing or the ones that are already registered on my board?
  9. Kaiser

    What am I doing wrong?

    I am trying to import a vb 3.8 database into my forum but I keep getting this: EDIT: I have entered the character set as well, still the same problem
  10. Kaiser

    Importing vB Database through phpmyadmin for convertion

    When trying to import the vb database through phpmyadmin I get this: after the upload went to 99%. Any idea why? Will be merging a vb db in my xenforo.
  11. Kaiser

    Your First Post on

    What's your first post on Mine was a support question about the purchase of a license:
  12. Kaiser

    Forums are slow again..

    So it was very slow while posting, and now its taking awhile to load. Am I on the discouragement? :confused:
  13. Kaiser

    Getting hit by spam hard :(

    Getting hit by spam at the moment :( Banned up to 35 accounts. Looks like there are more to come, joining by the minute. Page 1: Page 2: It will probably reach 4 pages in the next 1 or 2 hours.
  14. Kaiser

    MyBB Xenforo Theme

    Well I was browsing the mybb forum, and came across this forum Probably the first MyBB theme I've seen inspired by xenforo.
  15. Kaiser

    Page doesn't display properly when trying to edit posts with attachments

    Whenever a post has an attachment and I try to edit it, the page is all messed up like this: it only happens when I click more options after clicking edit so that I can manage the attachments. But if I dont click more options it displays fine in the pop up...
  16. Kaiser

    Installing/Uninstalling Addons Very slow

    My forum loads fine, and there are no server issues or loading issues. But whenever I install an addon it takes a good 10 minutes when it used to be just a few seconds.. its very slow.. Its been like this for a month. It does the same thing when installing/upgrading/uninstalling. Its very very...
  17. Kaiser

    Dog Thrown of Roof In Egypt *Warning Very Graphic*

    <video removed> This happened few days ago. They have no laws against animal abuse in Egypt. Something needs to be done about this. It truly broke my heart, I love animals very much. How can someone do something like this to such a helpless creature? It was sad hearing its afterward cries :(...
  18. Kaiser

    Kid using nulled xenforo

    Trying my best to get him to remove his forum. He is using a nulled xenforo and acting as if he had no idea and bought it from someone... a common excuse.
  19. Kaiser

    Thinking of closing my forum

    Well because of something small that happened on my forum, someone tweeted it and made it into something big.. and theres a group of people saying some very mean things about me and my forum which is very hurtful and has gotten me very depressed.. The person that tweeted it, I thought was a nice...
  20. Kaiser

    Server Error

    I posted this in another thread but didnt get any help... My server error logs are filled with this one error Zend_Db_Statement_Mysqli_Exception: Mysqli statement execute error : Incorrect string value...