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  1. aasajjj

    XenForo vs IPB: Extensibility / Tweaking, WordPress Integration

    xenforo seems much more faster,flexible,etc but ipb has many good features and more stuff in it.
  2. aasajjj

    Lack of interest Sort by Ratings (MAJOR SUGGESTION)

    Hey all, My feedback is regarding "sorting". Lets say someone asks a question for people to suggest. The like system is on. But there are a total of 20 pages and you just found the thread. What about sorting by the amount of likes?. eg; So, it change the...
  3. aasajjj

    Not a bug Watch Thread, not working correctly. [BUG]

    Thank You very much. Thank You very much.
  4. aasajjj

    Not a bug Watch Thread, not working correctly. [BUG]

    ahhh, thank you very much and sorry. thank you.
  5. aasajjj

    Not a bug Watch Thread, not working correctly. [BUG]

    Hey all, I clicked watch thread on this thread: I then go to Watched Threads and it is not there. Any ideas?. Thank You!
  6. aasajjj

    SoE's EverQuest next COMING (xenforo + most active forum) (xenforo + irc chat for everquest next)
  7. aasajjj

    SoE's EverQuest next COMING

    dam dude, your forum rocks, NICE WORK! please get your forum known around the place ?
  8. aasajjj

    SoE's EverQuest next COMING

    nope sorry :(
  9. aasajjj

    SoE's EverQuest next COMING

    beta is now UP
  10. aasajjj

    Not planned xenForo '-> navigation '

    that's awesome, thank you.
  11. aasajjj

    Not planned xenForo '-> navigation '

    Hello all, Its lovely to be on a xenforo forum, lovely!. Ok so here's the feedback, moderator please don't lock this thread your my best man!. Locking threads is good for rules and reasons in general but locking for no reason is not cool! Ok, here's the feedback ^ = . ' ' Feedback: -...
  12. aasajjj

    SoE's EverQuest next COMING :D
  13. aasajjj

    Going to Purchase xenForo + Mental Health + Alcohol Forum

    Hey guys, At last I am going to purchase a copy of xenForo, going to buy some nice themes. I might buy the concise theme on ipb and convert it to xenforo if I can, and then buy some nice addons on xenforo store. I NEED YOUR ADVICE!: - What forums interest you?. [+] What would make you join my...
  14. aasajjj

    Not a bug alerts not coming up sometimes

    Hi, for some reason the alerts don't show up, I either have to go refresh the page or go to another link on the forum. will this be fixed in the future? ty
  15. aasajjj

    SoE's EverQuest next COMING

    It will depend on the player population, some areas will rebuild over time depending on the amount of players in that area. with this new game its really the future and start of the new mmo's, really check this out.
  16. aasajjj

    Duplicate Your name -> CHANGE.

    Greetings, Like every other forum software(ipb,vbulletin,phpbb) and every social networking site (google+fb,twitter,etc) your able to change your username (display name). xenforo really needs this, allowing the users to change their own display name. I know admin's can change usernames,but...
  17. aasajjj

    can't wait for xenforo's new design

    it will rock, I know it will. :)
  18. aasajjj

    Random Thoughts...

    heart warming feeling, I love you all!!!!!!:X3:
  19. aasajjj

    SoE's EverQuest next COMING up at last