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    Most effective method of asking questions to users signing up?

    I would like to be able to ask a couple of questions to users as they sign up on the forum I am deeply involved in running (such as "where did you hear about us"). I was wondering what would be the best way of doing this. Is there any way within the default xenforo options to do something like...
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    XF 1.4 Issues receiving Alerts

    On this forum: I'm not receiving alerts and I don't know why; haven't had this issue before (though others of my users sometimes have). I have some but not all admin powers of the forum (I am not the founder). How do I begin to troubleshoot? e: I...
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    Ad Revenue Question

    In terms of hits/threads/members/??? typically how much of those would you need for a Xenforo forum to earn say £5 per year, and can I get an idea of how that number changes as these things grow? Just looking for a ballpark figure. ty
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    Reducing Lag?

    Hey I'm a moderator of a xenforo forum (this one) though not the licence-holder or anything. I was having problems with lag when typing, and myself and the owner discussed whether the amount of posts per thread page affected it (he had it on 50, then we changed it down to 20 and it felt to me...