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  1. wwwicked

    YouTube embedding no longer working in Chrome

    Has anyone else encountered this? From today or so, embedded YouTube videos are no longer appearing when viewing in Chrome. The console says: Refused to display '' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'SAMEORIGIN'. I assume it's something...
  2. wwwicked

    Reverting templates seems... unreliable

    I've just updated to 1.0.4 so I'm working through the outdated templates. My method is to copy the current template into one pane of WinMerge, revert, copy the reverted template into the other pane of WinMerge, diff them and work through the differences to work out which changes I need to...
  3. wwwicked

    Fixed  Using [img] tag directly in WYSIWYG editor parses incorrectly

    When using a WYSIWYG editor, I find it's often quicker to explicitly type BB codes than not, particularly for simple tags. I've noticed that the [ img] tag is parsed incorrectly when I do this, resulting in broken images. For example, if I type: It gets translated into:
  4. wwwicked

    Implemented Add "Lock Thread" to Thread Tools

    At the moment, the options in "Thread Tools" are Edit, Delete and Move a thread. I'd like "Lock Thread" to be there as well (and probably Unlock as well). At the moment, if I'm reading a thread that is going off the rails, or I feel should be locked, I seem to have to go back to the thread list...
  5. wwwicked

    Fixing the reply box font

    What do I need to edit to make the text in the quick reply box the same as the forum default? I've tried fiddling with Style Properties: Form Elements > Text Controls, and setting the size to 1em, 100% or leaving it empty, but neither seem to work . Tried it with Textarea: Focused, too. I assume...
  6. wwwicked

    Option to hide avatars

    I guess I can do this by creating a new style, but some of my forum members used the vBulletin option not to display avatars (in either the thread list or post list; other places are OK, I expect). There's an option not to display signatures in XenForo, but I don't see a similar option for...