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  1. Kirk

    XF 2.0 Updating addons from XF 1.X to 2.X

    Hey folks, So correct me if im wrong So to port xf1 addons to xf2 you do the following steps first have xf1 installed Have your xf1 addons installed upgrade site to xf2 then use the cmd.php file to create xf2 addon and build from there then you have to recreate new phrases and such? -Kirk
  2. Kirk

    Different domain problems

    Howdy :), So I have 2 domains. 1 that doesn't have hosting and 1 that does. I have a cname to direct www and none www to point to the domain with hosting. But when i try to go to the domain it gives me a 404 error ngix. Am i missing a configuration step? -Kirk
  3. Kirk

    Alerting Staff Members when posting

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to create an alert function that will be alert the staff when another staff member posts on a user's profile. So what i'm trying to achieve with the alert is having it show up as "Staff Member A has created a Note on User's B profile". I know I have to create an...
  4. Kirk

    Creating Permissions

    Hi folks, So when creating permissions should I create multiple classes for ControllerPublic or just tie them all into one class ? Pretty much I want to have the following permissions: Can View XYZ Can Create XYZ
  5. Kirk

    Creating a Sidebar navigation question

    Hi fellow programmers :), So I was looking into creating a sidebar for one of my addons and use the same kind of sidebar as RM is. I'm guessing I can't refer to any RM code. So I'm guessing to do a navigation side menu I would have to do a for loop or some sort of that?
  6. Kirk

    Some fatal errors

    Hey all so recently I got some bugs reported on one of my add-ons So here are some of the errors some of the users have been reporting to me And here's my DataWriter code: class GFNRegAvatar_Extend_XenForo_DataWriter_User extends XFCP_GFNRegAvatar_Extend_XenForo_DataWriter_User {...
  7. Kirk

    GoodForNothing Avatar On Registration

    Kirk submitted a new resource: GoodForNothing Avatar On Registration - Upload an avatar during Registration Read more about this resource...
  8. Kirk

    Making a field recognized in registration form

    So i'm trying to add the ability to allow users to upload an avatar on registration but the input name i have right now is saying Avatar is not a valid field. I'm assuming i need to extend the Register underneath the public controller to make it a valid field? Could anyone correct me on this?
  9. Kirk

    My importer shows 0 items after

    Hi all so I've created an importer to import usernotes. Currently the importer will import items but it shows a 0 items imported after i click the button. I've checked on my local wamp server and it shows the items actually imported even though the import button said 0 items imported. Here's my...
  10. Kirk

    Cannot redeclare class error

    Hi all so, I've ran into the following error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class XFCP_ElUsernotes_Importer_vBulletin in C:\wamp\www\xf\library\XenForo\Application.php(528) : eval()'d code on line 1 What could be causing this error?
  11. Kirk

    Creating an Importer

    Hey all :), So I've began development on creating an importer for vBulletin usernotes and i just wanted to know if I need to create 2 different importers 1 to import stuff from vBulletin 3.8x versions 1 to import stuff from vBulletin 4.x versions Looking forward to your replies and thank you...
  12. Kirk

    PHP Storm individual license

    Hey there Developers, I was looking into getting a PHP Storm license but i don't know which one i should buy. I want to create some add-ons and themes for XenForo. Now if i'm working as myself do i just need to get the personal license or do i need to get the commercial license?
  13. Kirk

    Option for 2 layouts

    Hey folks :), I'm currently trying to add a masonry layout to a project i'm working on and I would like to know what would i have to do to give the admin the choice of using a masonry layout or another layout. Would it be it be easier to do it through say options or would it be a style option?
  14. Kirk

    Making the link show as active in the Admin Pannel

    So now that i got the admin page working with the text I created in the admin template (See screenshot below): As you can see it shows the Home link as the active menu. What I want to know is, How do I make it show the Quiz Link show as the active menu link in the admin panel. I'm guessing I...
  15. Kirk

    Admin Route not working

    So i've created this admin route called Quiz Route Class Code: <?php class KAH_Quiz_Route_PrefixAdmin_Quiz implements XenForo_Route_Interface { public function match($routePath, Zend_Controller_Request_Http $request, Xenforo_Router $router) { return...
  16. Kirk

    Countdown timer

    Hi all, So the one feature i'm trying to figure out for the quiz add-on is how would i go about developing a timer for the quiz. would it be done with the database?
  17. Kirk

    How many tables should i create for the Quiz Addon

    Hi all. So I was wondering how many database tables I should create for the quiz add-on So far i've come up with the the following: QuizCategories
  18. Kirk

    Learning MVC PHP

    Hi everyone, So I was wondering should I be learning PHP OOP on top of Zend Framework to develop xenforo add-ons? I know i've seen threads where Xenforo uses some of Zend Framework's features. I just dont want to go all over the place when developing add-ons for XenForo
  19. Kirk

    XF 1.3 Friendly Url problem

    Hi everyone, So i have a problem with the friendly urls. I have it enabled and im new to using htaccess :/. I've provided my htaccess down below. Could someone tell me if i did something wrong? # Mod_security can interfere with uploading of content such as attachments. If you # cannot...
  20. Kirk

    After School Lesson

    After School Lesson is a completely free education help community that provides free educational resources to everyone. We have made our community really easy to register and login with. We also have an ssl certificate installed to make everyone feel safe. Check it out today...