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  1. chiper

    XF 2.0 Meta tags on Tags page

    Hello I have a problem with SEO audit. The main forum page and others has all correct meta tags, such as description, keywords and etc. But the page: has no description meta tags on it. Why? And how could i add meta description on tags page? Adding to tags_view does not help
  2. chiper

    XF 2.0 Date of last post.

    Hello On the list of posts i need date of the last post to be displayed in numerical form, and not in the form of the day of the week. How can I do it?
  3. chiper

    XF 2.0 Static pages.

    Hi. I have some questions about static pages. 1) I need to create static page on forum and to edit in in WYSIWYG editor. How can i do that? 2) After it i want to hide this page from forum list and to add this page on navigation menu on the top. How can i do that? 3) How can edit / hide "Home"...
  4. chiper

    Wiki plugin

    Ii there any wiki plugin for XF2?
  5. chiper

    XF 2.0 Custom icons on forum/subforum

    How can i add custom icon to each forum / subforum on XF2 ? Can not find true plugin.
  6. chiper

    XF 1.5 A few questions.

    Hello. Help me please. 1) How to increase the number of last messages displayed in the right sidebar? I need 10. 2) How can i display last 10 messeges on sidebar widget from the selected forum?