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    i really wish xenforo had a built in video player

    a image gallery that can also play video media would be nice (for high quality super awesome porn you find on the net). theres some porn out there that just makes your jaw drop and collecting that and hosting it on your website amazes people. I've had websites in the past using a simple machines...
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    im supposed to be recreating this old site

    anyone know of any similar themes?
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    resource picture instead of uploader avatar?

    is there a way to have the resource manager use a uploaded picture instead of the uploaders avatar when browsing resources?
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    What does this renewal thing mean?

    never mind question answered
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    Showcase The Best Addon For Product Reviews?

    I will probably be buying showcase to review products. Anyone else got any recommendations before I do?Only thing else i saw was a book review addon.
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    Video Game Review Addon?

    I noticed a book review addon which gave me the idea to maybe make a video game review site maybe covering free to play games and connecting a youtube to it. Any good addons to build off of for that? Would probably just need a rating system and organizer and a page for each game with pictures...
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    i cant find a video gallery?

    i can find a few image galleries but none that support video???
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    Have Threads Expire And Delete Themselves After A Certain Time Frame

    never mind found it. i got another question since i cant delete this thread. how do i add that scrolling news bar ive seen on a few sites?
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    XF 1.1 having trouble installing

    i just bought some godaddy hosting and redirected a old domain. im pretty sure im entering the information right. i got a similar error trying to install a trial of burning board forum software a minute ago. should i give my hosting more time to setup or something? ive installed a lot of crap in...
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    How Did You make This Software So Fast?

    xenforo has only been around for a few years yet they seem to have dominated so many other forum softwares. did you take shortcuts? burning board 4 is desperately trying to copy XenForo and they are still heavily lacking the features and polish and they been around for a long time.
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    This or burning board 4?

    so im thinking about buying this or burning board 4. in all honesty i think burning board 4 did a little bit better on their design but they dont seem to have a cms portal for their front page. i saw a plug in for that with this forum software and it looked really nice.