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  1. Webby

    Guests Only See Image Thumbnail

    Hi, Objective is for guests to see full size images just like signed up users not only thumbnails. I can't find how to turn that feature on/off. Example: Thanks.
  2. Webby

    XF 1.5 403 Error When adding Javascript

    I am trying to ad this adblock detect code to my site: <style> #veEJgfawLXQc { display: none; margin-bottom: 30px; padding: 20px 10px; background: #D30000; text-align: center; font-weight: bold; color: #fff; border-radius: 5px; } </style> <div id="veEJgfawLXQc"> Our website is made possible...
  3. Webby

    XF 1.5 User Can't See Text Editor

    Hi all, One of my users is having trouble using his/her text editor. See the below link for screenshots of the issue posted by the user. Could this be something in their settings? Thanks.
  4. Webby

    XF 1.5 Poll Highlight Color.

    How can you change the color of poll options when you hover over them?
  5. Webby

    XF 1.5 Must reload page after post

    Hi, Whenever I post on my forum I have to reload the page after clicking post or else I just get the loading sign in the top right corner. I have tried posting from multiple computers and different locations but I keep having the same problem. How can I resolve this where I can post without...
  6. Webby

    Attributed Links (Read more here links)

    Hi, I saw this addon or code somewhere on here before but I can not find it anymore. Basically when someone copies content from your forum and pastes it somewhere else it automatically puts a link back to your forum at the bottom of the copied content.
  7. Webby

    Add-on Latest Threads per Section

    I want to be able to show the latest threads for each forum section. For example for the U.S. Armed Forces section I need a sidebar thingy that shows the latest threads from that section. For the International Security Section I want another thingy on the side bar that shows the latest threads...
  8. Webby

    Copyright & Forums. What to do?

    Hey all, Do you guys follow and enforce US copyright laws on your forums? For example do you allow users to copy paste whole articles onto your forum? Are we allowed to do this or is it out of the scope of fair use? Are forum owners or users responsible for copyright infringement?
  9. Webby

    Defense & Military Forum

    The American Military Forum A few months ago I launched the American Military Forum for people to discuss U.S. national security, defense, and military issues. We also have sections for international security developments, and military history. I would appreciate it if anyone of you would give...
  10. Webby

    Does Restricting Content = More Members

    Does restricting things like images posted on the forum to only members lead to more people signing up?
  11. Webby

    XF 1.5 Sidebar spaces

    If you take a look at the sidebar on our site and look at the Facebook and Twitter feed-timelines you can see that there is no space or buffer between them as there is between the New Posts and members online boxes. How can I add a space between the Facebook box and the Twitter box...
  12. Webby

    XenForo & Concurrent SQL Connections?

    Hey all, I have a new and small forum with ~30 members and got 10000 visits last month. Unfortunately everything went to hell after my host corrupted my database during a server upgrade or maintanence and it has been 15 days and counting and they still haven't solved the problem. I am using...
  13. Webby

    XF 1.5 [Resolved] Users can't receive emails (can't reset password or confirm account)

    Hi guys, Users on our site can not reset their passwords without getting the following error: Not Found The requested URL /lost-password/10/confirm was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request...
  14. Webby

    What is a good amount of views?

    Hi, We opened our forum approximately 30 days ago and have achieved between 2650-2700 page views according to ad sense. Is this a good number for the first month? What numbers did you get in your first month? Thanks. The following are our social...
  15. Webby

    XF 1.5 [Solved]What is this called and how do you change it?

    Hi, What are those icons called and how can I change it from xenForo logo to my own logo? Thanks in advance and a big thanks to all xenforo developers and contributors. You guys really have an amazing piece of software.