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  1. PaigeLynn

    XF 2.1 Premission error

    So I have added a test area only accessible to my admins now when I have my Main Group as admin I can see everything but when I add a moderator rank to myself to show my Admin and Moderator Badge I cant access the content
  2. PaigeLynn

    Customize XF Review

    So I messaged Bassman and asked for help with some css user banners and within the hour they were done and he took the time to see if I liked them of you need any custom css work or just some general addons he's the man to go to
  3. PaigeLynn

    Test Site

    We have a live site but is it authorized to have a dev environment
  4. PaigeLynn

    XF 2.1 Deploy Google CDN

    So We host off of Google Cloud and we are looking to implement Google Cloud CDN Has anyone done this or is there any documentation
  5. PaigeLynn

    XF 2.1 Make What's New Main Page

    Is there a way to set my homepage as What's New as I like to show my members the latest posts rather than a blank forum as we just started
  6. PaigeLynn

    XF 2.1 Remove User from Group Automaticly

    So we use usergroups for banners rather than the user title and we have it set to be registered always and the. Change them to a second group but then after x amount of posts they move to another group how do we Automaticly remove them from the second group so like Site Member & Registered show...
  7. PaigeLynn

    XF 2.1 Custom Site Embedd

    So We run an adult forum and on vBulletin we had an Embedd code for multiple Adult Sites (EX: *******) via an iframe BBCode is there anyway to allow embedd of ******* or other adult site videos using their iframe embedd
  8. PaigeLynn

    XF 2.1 Change Sticky Thread to something else

    So on vBulletin we called our Sticky Threads Staff Favorites is there a way to do that in xenforo
  9. PaigeLynn

    MG 2.1 Error adding Ffmpeg

    So I installed Ffmpeg and then went to add it and I get this error ErrorException: [E_WARNING] file_exists(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/usr/bin/ffmpeg) is not within the allowed path(s): (/var/www/vhosts/ in src/addons/XFMG/Validator/Ffmpeg.php at line 20...
  10. PaigeLynn

    MG 2.1 Add Gallery to Post

    How do I enable the option for members to embedd their Albums from XFMG to a Post
  11. PaigeLynn

    XF 2.1 Facebook, Google and Twitter Login

    When I was on vBulletin I used an app called One All to allow social Login is there anything like it so I can enable social login on our xenforo forums
  12. PaigeLynn

    Renew License but remove addons

    So I want to renew my license but I want to remove 1 add on how do I go around doing that so I don't have to pay for that addons