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  1. TBDragon

    XF 1.4 field "xxxxx" was not recognised in registration

    there is issue in my forum when guest want to make an account they got this error The field 'sa1fffb79bf9ddc6e05fc9bc30af74b93' was not recognised. in name field and similar one in email field also
  2. TBDragon

    XF 1.4 Aw, Snap! google chrome error when open my site

    hi every one i dont know if this issue related to the XF it self or what exactly me and my users get the Aw, Snap! error when entering my forum >> and its just happen from yesterday the control panel is working fine but the forums r not working the RM its work for me but for...
  3. TBDragon

    what is this option do ? Download the upgrade package only

    hi every one i have small question about this option in XF customer panel when i wana download a version Download the upgrade package only This removes some files from the download to ensure you do not overwrite existing copies. but when i select it or not select it give me the same file...
  4. TBDragon

    XF 1.3 problem with disable route-filters

    hi every one before 1 year i change my routes filters from /threads/ to /new-route/ but now i just decide to get the old route so when i go and disable the filter when i try to open its says this route is not exist and its should to redirect back to the...
  5. TBDragon

    Lack of interest add the batch-update for RM similar to the threads batch-update

    i hope u can add the batch-update for RM similar to the threads batch-update in the next version its really hard to edit 1k of resources and ~80 category =(
  6. TBDragon

    what if my forum have 2 domain ?

    hi i wana ask u if my forum have 2 different domain one .com second .asia is this will effect my license ? i register my license on the .com domain but now i get the .asia domain and i will redirect the .com to the .asia is that ok or i need to change the license domain to .asia or i...
  7. TBDragon

    how to migrate from OLS to nginx or stay with OLS ?

    hi every one i use now OLS 1.3.1 and i read many article and also read some comments here that nginx is good but i didnt try it before or play with it !! so how the migration will be ?!! is it easy or need more and more digging in nginx and i need to play with it alone before i migrate ...
  8. TBDragon

    XF 1.3 uploading an add-on take ages when (run-deferred)

    hi every one i have strange issue with run-deferred while uploading new/upgrading an add-ons and even while upgrading XF this issue in both my live & local forum its take around 20 to 45min ! to just upgrade an addon and for upgrading for XF its take around 1h =( is this normal ?! i...
  9. TBDragon

    is it possible to have a bridge with laravel 4.x ?!

    hi every one i was thinking of making a small script with laravel 4.x and need to use some feature of xf like login and also to show some threads or node inside my laravel script and also show some posts and codes from my laravel in XF is that possible ?! if yes plz give me some hint to...
  10. TBDragon

    how to make an add-on to overwrite an exist method ?!

    hi every one i just have in mind to make an add-on to sort the RM categories well the method i need to overwrite is XenResource_Model_Category getAllCategories() i change the code manually to this return $this->fetchAllKeyed(' SELECT resource_category.*...
  11. TBDragon

    RM 1.1 is it possible to sort category by title ?!

    hi every one is it possible to sort category by title ?! if yes then how ?! hope there is way without implementing an addon to do it >_<
  12. TBDragon

    RM 1.1 changing the prefix from RM index ?!!

    hi every one i just want to know is there way to change the prefix from the RM index also is there way to change multi resource at one time same as threads ?! if this was not implemented in core of RM is it difficult to make an addon to do this job ?! its hard for me to edit 800 resource...
  13. TBDragon

    RM 1.1 small issue with editing resource_list_item via TM

    hi how r u 2day i was editing small thing in the resource_list_item and i say ok let me make TM so i dont edit the whole template and then cause some issues later but when i save the TM it give me ( 0/1/0) and its not applied at all on the forum =( i need to do 2 modifications so i make...
  14. TBDragon

    is it possible to remove /forums/ or /threads/ from the url ?!

    hi how r u i just wondring is it possible to make the url be like this ?! or without the with the route filter its work for changing the name threads is it possible to do that if yes then...
  15. TBDragon

    is there a method for isModerator ? (XenForo_Visitor::getInstance()) ?!

    hi how r u i just saw in some addon XenForo_Visitor::getInstance()->isSuperAdmin() so it can check whether the visitor is super admin or no but what if i need to check of moderator or some group id ?! which class i need to extend so i can use that or its same in the...
  16. TBDragon

    how to use $thread in bb_code_tag_attach ?!

    hi i just wondering how i can use $thread in bb_code_tag_attach ?! so i can use the {$thread.title} for example as alt for attachment !?? i tried many times but i dono y its not called !! even i try {xen:helper dump, $thread} just to see if any thing related to $thread is called or used or...
  17. TBDragon

    how to apply jquery scrollbar to my XF code

    hi i write an addon so its display for me all resources of cerstion category on a sidebar depend on which resource i browse so its take the resource id and get the category id then retrieve the other resource from that category so this is the display code //HTML taggs $befor = '<dl>...
  18. TBDragon

    how to banned several users by email list from txt file ?

    hi i have many users that have invalid email address and i want to banned them but its hard for me to search for email one by one so i was thinking of making a query to get the user_id by searching for the email like select user_id from xf_user where email like '' then...
  19. TBDragon

    how to change the RM date format to DATE ?

    hi every one i just wana display the date published of my resources but !! the resource_date field are int !! and the format of the value a number which i didnt know how to deal with or how to convert it to a date format so its displayed in normal way like in threads !! Fri, 28 Feb 2014...
  20. TBDragon

    RM 1.1 how to change the resourceIcon value with resource custom field value ?

    hi i have a issue with resource Icon as i dont like to upload each time the icon i need so i think of making a custom field to put the url of the img and replace the icon value without needing to upload an img is that possible ? or if there is a way to change the uploading icon to post...