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  1. Wilouness

    XF 2.1 Auto-remove same quotes in posts

    Hi everyone Sometimes we find the same quotes in a post because some members don't pay attention and they click on "reply" two times or more. Is there a way to remove automatically the quotes and let only one of them ?? Thanks
  2. Wilouness

    Add-on Add-on for adding custom og image for sharing on FB and Twitter with large image

    Hi everyone ! I hope you're all well during this trouble time all over the world. I think that no one is spared from this virus and the imposed confinement. Obviously followers of Xenforo that we are I am sure that many of us spend part of their time of confinement on the improvement of their...
  3. Wilouness

    XF 2.1 Changes the user extra info labels to icons

    How to change the extra infos in bloc user with icons ?? I mean replace this : . by this : Also here : replace this : by this :
  4. Wilouness

    XF 2.1 How can i have this widget ?

    Do i need an addon to display that kind of widget or is this native in xenforo ? Thanks
  5. Wilouness

    XF 2.0 How to exclude Robots from "Members online" box

    Hi Guys The title speaks by itself. I see a huge différence between Google Analytics real time users on line and the Members online box from Xenforo. So i supposed that it is increased by google robots. How can i exclude them from the stats to have a real stats of users on line Thanks...
  6. Wilouness

    Sidebar under the conversation list

    Hello Only when i'm in the conversations list, my sidebar is not on the right side but goes under the conversations list. In all other pages the sidebar is on the right side. I think it's a bug cause i did not make any css modification. Thank you !!
  7. Wilouness

    XF 2.0 Display sidebar widgets on the search results page and the new messages page

    Hello Guys Hope i'm in the good forum !! I want to display some of my sidebar widgets on the page wich show the results of a search and also on the page of new messages. I don't find those specifics positions in the widget settings in ACP Thanks
  8. Wilouness

    XF 2.0 Can't add more than 5 answer in a Poll

    Hello At the fifth options when creating a poll the system don't open a new field. Is it limited to 5 possible option in a Poll ?? Thanks
  9. Wilouness

    XF 2 Addon for a contest with Reactions by themehouse

    @ThemeHouse Hello I use your addon Reactions like many others i suppose. I really need an addon that display a counter of top members of the month that had been given the most positives reactions. My forum can not exist now without your addon but it woult be wonderfull to supply us that kind of...
  10. Wilouness

    French Translation for [] SEO (SEO2)

    Wilouness submitted a new resource: French Translation for [] SEO (SEO2) - French Translation for [] SEO addon XF2 Read more about this resource...
  11. Wilouness

    Lack of interest How prevent members to answer to themselves !!

    Hello Guys I have a reccurent and disturbing thing with people who are not usual with forums. They often post a message and immédiatly after post another message answerwing to their own firts message instead of editing the first. Is there any solution to prevent that in not letting members...
  12. Wilouness

    XF 2.0 Transform thread link in BBcode links in posts

    Hi there I just thread links in posts to be displayed in BBcode style. I already have this functiunality working with classic web site. Title of the site or page is displayed instead of the brutal link (i think it is supplied by the S9E addon. But why don't it work for links of my forum. Thanks
  13. Wilouness

    XF 2.0 Customizing ads placements with code

    Hello In XF1.5 i followed this guide in the "XF1 Tips and Guide" section to place my ads wherever i want in my pages. For example usually place a google adsense only under the fifth post in a discussion in all pages cause i show ten messages per page. I think that these tips are available only...
  14. Wilouness

    XF 2.0 Open Graph logo for share on Facebook

    Hello Guys Where can we change the site logo (og-logo ??) to make it appear when we share threads or entire forum on Facebook !! Thanks
  15. Wilouness

    XF 2.0 Upgrading on 2 different servers : Same Fatal error

    Hi guys !! Please really need some help. First time i thaught my issue was due to my server. So i try in my friend's server. I exactly have the same fatal error. However my 1.5.17 backup (ftp + DB) are clean and functional. Cleaned from all XF1 addons in the FTP and in the Database. I'm really...
  16. Wilouness

    XF 2.0 Upgrading from 1.5.17 safely

    Hello Guys Firstable excuse me for my english. I'm gonna do my best to explain my situation. Ok ! I want to congratulate the dev of Xenforo for the great job you do. I really love this software and i'm not going to move somewhere else. My actual Xenforo forum is in 1.5.17 and still active. I...