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  1. Kirk

    [Banxix] Multiple Options For BBCode

    Thanks for this @Banxix :)
  2. Kirk

    [DBTech] DragonByte eCommerce [Paid]

    Wonderful add-on (I think I want it). Once I'm settled in my new house I will be looking at purchasing this .
  3. Kirk

    XR Product Manager [Paid]

    Super excited to see this for XF2 :). Wish i had the $ to purchase it lol :P
  4. Kirk

    XF 2.0 Updating addons from XF 1.X to 2.X

    Awesome stuff Thanks Fillip
  5. Kirk

    XF 2.0 Updating addons from XF 1.X to 2.X

    That's what I thought. The only thing after that would be kind of doing the same layout from the xf1 code but using the new xf2 stuff. No?
  6. Kirk

    XF 2.0 Updating addons from XF 1.X to 2.X

    Hey folks, So correct me if im wrong So to port xf1 addons to xf2 you do the following steps first have xf1 installed Have your xf1 addons installed upgrade site to xf2 then use the cmd.php file to create xf2 addon and build from there then you have to recreate new phrases and such? -Kirk
  7. Kirk

    Usernotes for the Staff [Deleted]

    Honestly. I want to code them myself. Dan has been busy with personal life. If anyone has any questions please message me privately and I'll answer them asap.
  8. Kirk

    Usernotes for the Staff [Deleted]

    I will be looking into getting as many Addons Dan manages updated for XF2.0
  9. Kirk

    Thread Stencil -- Default and customizable content for posts per forum [Deleted]

    I'll be looking to get all Addons by extra license updated to xf2 So the answer is yes
  10. Kirk

    Different domain problems

    Got it working now :D
  11. Kirk

    I believe it's time to work on XF2 addons :O

    I believe it's time to work on XF2 addons :O
  12. Kirk

    Different domain problems

    Howdy :), So I have 2 domains. 1 that doesn't have hosting and 1 that does. I have a cname to direct www and none www to point to the domain with hosting. But when i try to go to the domain it gives me a 404 error ngix. Am i missing a configuration step? -Kirk
  13. Kirk

    Usernotes for the Staff [Deleted]

    Please pm me the link of your site so I can see if i can replicate this error.
  14. Kirk

    Comment by 'Kirk' in media 'Forum Index New Look'

    Always loving what you do with your site Gemma
  15. Kirk

    Plain [Paid]

    This is a really beautiful theme :D
  16. Kirk

    [TH] User Ratings [Deleted]

    Check your pm :)
  17. Kirk

    [HA] Notifications

    Marvelous job my friend
  18. Kirk

    XF 1.5 Firefox connection unsafe

    Look at @Brogan's guide
  19. Kirk

    Boop :)

    Boop :)
  20. Kirk

    How's going NixFifty? :)

    How's going NixFifty? :)