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  1. Deathstarr

    XF 2.1 How to stop sending email?

    I sent out a mass mail to all the userbase but stopped it and restarted a time later. Now Its running and I have no option to stop it. how do I find it to stop that mass emailing?
  2. Deathstarr was started in 2005 as a domainname forum around the same time another domain forum was started. Over the years it has had 3 owners with me being the third. The original owner just sold it on Flippa last year 2019 (i think) and the 2nd owner never did anything with it. After alot of...
  3. Deathstarr

    Black Friday Shooping Grabs

    Let see what everyone was able to get over the black Friday shopping weekend and I know its not over yet with cyber monday but just want to see what deals I missed.
  4. Deathstarr

    Is your forum being hammered by Bots?

    I dont know why but the last few days my forum has been getting hammered by bots. The ones that have been really hitting me are SEMrush - WHY ahref - scrapper I think OVH. I ended up blocking OVH subnet in cpanel because 40 was to much. My forum is very local and very niche. I am not sure...
  5. Deathstarr

    AlabamaGunForum is a local forum I made for people that like firearms and wanted a place to buy, sell and trade firearms for free. Its been up for about a year and doing well its hard to get people to join the forum but i just took the forum old school with a basic theme with easy...
  6. Deathstarr

    XF 2.0 notice and guest welcome

    Is there anyone fluent in CSS and the notices part of xenforo that can make my notice pretty. I tried to do it but it looks like a 2 year old did it. What got me started on it was his notice or guest welcome is really nice.
  7. Deathstarr

    XF 1.5 friendly url and htaccess

    I move the forum from /forum to root. Changed the url inside the ACP. Did not find any routes. and moved the files over to it. Now I cant enable friendly URL - If I do it redirects to /forum If I disable it, the redirect it gone? Nothing in the htaccess should be redirecting it to /forum/
  8. Deathstarr

    XF 1.5 New thread how long to link from index

    When I make a new thread in any node, its not working on the forum index. EG Test 2 topic is the name of the thread when you are looking at it from the forum list or index and click on the latest post its not taking me to the thread its showing /post/0 How do I fix it? I have downloaded...
  9. Deathstarr

    XF 1.5 Alerts for Conversations

    I have a few users wanting to have a better popup for when I member send them a PM. Right now I am using Live Update, and my theme is Zipped from PE. I was wondering if I could use CSS to have a popup in the middle of the screen like the one that shows in the lower left hand corner. If you...
  10. Deathstarr

    Hey Guys, Recently I purchased this forum called the forum is quite older but was left for dead for quite sometime and I am in the revival mode as well as import it from. The older members have really enjoyed me purchasing it bringing it back to life and so far it is...
  11. Deathstarr

    Sendgrid and Private messages

    Hey Guys, Wanted to know if I missed something or what, I setup Sendgrid this morning on a forum I am bringing back to life and sent a mass mail. 350 emails was sent out. Members are coming back but password resets since I converted the forum, and emails when I get messages are not coming to...
  12. Deathstarr

    Style Custom Theme

    Hey Designers, I am looking for a theme to be made (color wise) for my forum You can base it off one of your themes and just do colors or do something you want. My Main concern is that its an outdoors type theme but looks good. I have been using a few themes I have...
  13. Deathstarr

    Just wanted to showoff a forum I building. This was a idea because Alabama does not have a gun owners forum and I like guns. So I built the site added the forum made the logo and used Charm to base the theme off of. Well Yesterday Facebook announced that they are going to...
  14. Deathstarr

    Vaping Forums for Vapers and Ecig Users

    Vaping Forums is my forum that I have been working on and gaining more members and post. We are still a new forum but growing quite well. I have PixelExit modest theme edited and a few addons but nothing crazy. If you vape feel free to join and I am looking for a co-admin/helper I am looking...
  15. Deathstarr

    Just launched today. I think it looks good, but I am worried about the background on larger screens but I think it looks good. Not much happening at the moment but didnt want to have to many forum either. VapingForum
  16. Deathstarr

    Web Hosting Forum For Reviewing Web Host

    Web Hosting Review Forums - Web Hosting Review Forums This is a forum that I just purchased It was running smf 1.x and I had to upgrade to SMF 2 then convert it over to Xenforo, I have been working getting the the permissions and theme set, getting things set and posting it around now. I am...
  17. Deathstarr

    XF 1.4 How to: Move the Moderator Floating thing

    How can I move the floating moderator thing? Its in the way and I am working on mass moving certain threads and leaving others. The inline mod overlay panel
  18. Deathstarr Moved to Xenforo

    Over the past few days I have been working on to get it over to Xenforo. It took some time because the members always knew Vbulletin which is what the first forum started on where everyone came from and When TechMantis was made it became IPB. As you know Xenforo is a great...
  19. Deathstarr

    Plenty of traffic and users browse but...

    I cant get people to convert, I have plenty of people coming to the forum but I can not get people to register to become members and the older members do not come around anymore or post. I have sent out a few emails trying to get a few members posting but nothing. I could use some advice.
  20. Deathstarr - Ecig and Vaping Forum is a ecig and vaping forum that was started earlier this year and I was able to purchase this forum. When I first purchased the forum is was on phpbb and had a somewhat hard to navigate theme. After I got the forum I imported the forum to Xenforo and went to work on setting up the...