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  1. PankajA

    Whenever we change the title of the thread url also get changed

    Something it happens when we need to change the title of the thread, Then the url of the page also get changed and it generate duplicate content issue with the Google. How can we solve this issue?? We need that url of the page will not get changed when we made change in the title of the...
  2. PankajA

    XF 1.1 Amember Xenforo Integration

    I am using Amember Xenforo Integration. I have setup in the Amember Plugin that all registered users at Amember would be registered at Xenforo too with the Usergroup of "Registered". It all worked fine till few days back. But now, I don't seem to understand why is the new registered users at...
  3. PankajA

    XF 1.1 Mass Usergroup Change

    We have been trying to integrate aMember and XenForo. We did an import of users from XF to aMember, per their instructions. The problem is that somehow, all members in the forum are now set to the Administrative usergroup, and all secondary usergroups are cleared. I have not been able to find...
  4. PankajA

    Fixed Same page opening with 2 different URLS - Google Webmaster Issue

    Hello, Same page is opening with 2 different URL'S. Google Webmaster is showing Duplicate Meta Description Issue. Can you please suggest some solution. Thanks Pankaj
  5. PankajA

    Not a bug Duplicate Title Issue With Webmaster Tool - Xenforo Forum

    Hello, All the pages get indexed in Google webmaster tool and showing Duplicate title, Duplicate Description issue.
  6. PankajA

    Xenforo Google Webmaster Issue - Urgent

    Xenforo forum have some serious problem with the Google Web Master Tool. Lot of pages are now shown as duplicate content, Duplicate title, Due to Xenforo. Do let me know, How to solve this problem as soon as possible. I have attached image, Check it out. 1...
  7. PankajA

    How to short meta Description.

    I just look at google. site: Google start to scan all the user register at our community. In user description it's showing "zenglenn is a New Member at InkThemes Community. Google will create problem with short meta description problem, How to solve...
  8. PankajA

    Where to put Google Webmaster code and Google Analytic Code in Xenforo??

    Where to put Google Webmaster code and Google Analytic Code??
  9. PankajA

    www and non www will redirect to same page

    Hello, At present our forum can be access in two way with www and with non www. We want if someone open our forum without www then it will automatically redirect to Please provide the code, So i can paste it in...
  10. PankajA

    How to close thread??

    If someone ask a query at our support forum and that get resolved. After a query get resolved we want to close the thread. So that users will not bump it. How can we do that.
  11. PankajA

    I want to show recent thread on the from page of Xenforo

    We have just installed xenforo at out website and we want to show top 20 recent thread on the front page. So that it will be easy for our support team to handle the query. Thanks Pankaj Agarwal