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  1. Bryan Gilchrist

    XF 2.0 Can Phrases be posted outside of Templates?

    I have a disclaimer I want to use on several parts of my website and would like to set it up as a Phrase so I don't have to change it in 15 different spots if I make a change to it. I've tried creating the phrase and inserting it - {{ phrase('disclaimer') }} - but all it does is display the {{...
  2. Bryan Gilchrist

    Lack of interest Categories on main XMG page

    I would like to suggest that categories be visible on the main XMG, similar to the old Photopost style, much like what XFA did with this add-on:
  3. Bryan Gilchrist

    Batch Add Video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) Links

    This is a request I had put in prior to XMG becoming xFMG, and I am not sure if it has been requested to date, or added yet. But I would like to be able to batch add videos from, say, YouTube or Vimeo as I have a product review site and there are, literally, hundreds of videos for the products...
  4. Bryan Gilchrist

    Style Looking for a custom style for my site [PAID]

    Looking for a custom style for my site,, and a possible new logo too.
  5. Bryan Gilchrist will be launching at midnight tonight. It uses Xenforo, XenMediaGallery and (eventually) XenReviews plus a multitude of Xenforo add-ons. The site will feature consumer as well as display firework reviews and discussion, pictures, videos, etc. The site was formerly known as...
  6. Bryan Gilchrist

    Add-on Xenforo Wrapper?

    Just looking for a wrapper that would show the header and footer of the forum when using external software.
  7. Bryan Gilchrist

    XF 1.2 Users messages being moderated

    I have my site in "beta" mode and have invited a few users to help me work out the kinks in the site. I set up their accounts with their email address, password and user name. Have also set their accounts to "Member" status. They also have a secondary "Beta Tester" group set, but everything...
  8. Bryan Gilchrist

    Where Xenforo falls short...

    Let me just start out by saying I am not here to bash Xenforo. I love it, I see a lot of potential in it and I am going to use it for a site I am launching on February 1 and, if all goes well, I will be purchasing and using it on many other sites that I run as well. I also understand that the...
  9. Bryan Gilchrist

    Duplicate Ad Above Bottom Breadcrumb

    Pretty much as the title says. I know there's an option of "Ad Below Content", but if there's a sidebar, the ad you place will be centered based on the width of the content, not on the width of the container. (Blame my OCD...) :)
  10. Bryan Gilchrist any good?

    I am looking for a banner ad service that not only allow me to serve ads but also sell them through said service. I've tried OpenX (both hosted and self-run) in the past, but have found it to be slow and cumbersome, and it doesn't have all of the features I want. I came across, and...