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  1. Jamie

    Canon vs Nikon - Lens Chess

    Really cool... :) http://blog.digitalrev.com/2011/07/26/canon-vs-nikon-lens-chess/
  2. Jamie

    [Paid] Update Recent Activites page with Status Updates

    I have another thread listed here where I wanted to add the Status Update option to the Recent Activities page. You can see a screen shot on that thread of what I am looking for. During some discussions with some other members we think it would be nice if the comment and like options were...
  3. Jamie

    Can my XenForo menu look like this?

    Can someone tell me if it's possible to have my XenForo menu look like this with some styling changes? I am beginning to work on my site and love this style of menu, but I don't know enough about css to know if something like this is possible. Thanks for any input! Jamie
  4. Jamie

    I miss xenforo

    I just recently moved from New Hampshire to North Carolina, where I am from to be closer to my parents.. during this week and a half of either having no internet, or internet by tether on my netbook, I have really found myself missing this community and a few others I am a member of that are...
  5. Jamie

    Question about pricing out a website

    When you're looking to buy new sites, how do you go about pricing out a fair and reasonable price? I am looking at buying a couple of similar sites I have found and I thought I would ask for your opinion. I know when I am looking at buying another company like mine (answering service) we...
  6. Jamie

    Styling in Beta 6 question

    I think I read somewhere that, for the most part the style and hard coded things would be handled in the next Beta release, but I can't seem to find that post. I am currently running a stock style during these Betas to keep the upgrades easy to do. Can anyone tell me if they remember...
  7. Jamie

    Kitten and a Turtle

  8. Jamie

    Not a bug  Unresponsive Script notice

    Running Beta 4 Using Firefox 3.6.12 I received a notice of an unresponsive script. I was in the TagiChat shoutbox when this happened, so I am not sure if it's because of this mod, or something that you guys need to be aware of. Here is a screen shot of it: Thanks, Jamie
  9. Jamie

    Changing the color of one of the Navigation Tabs

    I have a Reset Password tab that shows only for Guest to make it simpler for my members to find it, since we merged two sites when we converted over xF. What I would like to do it have that Tab a different color (red) or some other color that would make it stand out a little. Can a single...
  10. Jamie

    Show Latest Posts if there are no new posts in What's New

    I am looking to add a function to my site. If a member clicks the What's New link and there are no new posts, instead of just giving a 'No Results Found' notice, I would like it to instead tell the member that there are no new posts, and list the lastest posts below it. Here is how the current...
  11. Jamie

    Implemented Under ACP, add option to Email users that haven't visited since X

    Currently, we have the ability to email users that have visited since a set date. I would like to suggest that you add the ability to email the users that haven't visited since a certain date. This would be useful in touching base with members that haven't logged in in a while and letting...
  12. Jamie

    News posts by a time period

    I know this has been mentioned but I don't think anyone has ever said whether xF has the ability to search for threads by a time period. On my old vB site and in IPB I edited the templates and created a way to view threads by a time period. There were serveral options in this selection. New...
  13. Jamie

    Please help me understand Child styles

    I am using the a style that has several different colors. I uploaded the style and called it AWiF Base I then uploaded each matching colored style and named then AWiF Red, AWiF Green, etc.. and made them a child style of AWiF Base I thought that by changing the AWiF Base templates it would...
  14. Jamie

    Help me change the Staff Online look

    I would like to simplify the members online area, and would like the Staff Online to show like the People You Follow area. I would like only their avatar to show up and then when you hover over their avatar it shows their name. I have created a screen shot of what I am looking to do. I...
  15. Jamie

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Extend the options under the ACP when editing a member

    Currently, when editing a member in the ACP we have a tab called preferences that shows us the members set preferences. Please extend this panel to include the avatar choice and the watched email settings. I have some older users that are having troubles finding these and although I have...
  16. Jamie

    Help with Status update code

    Ok, so I have converted my site and want to focus on the forums and it's options, so I have made the recent activity area my "home" page. (would be nice if I could get it to highlight the home tab instead of the member tab, but that's minor.) One thing I did was copy the status update box...
  17. Jamie

    Is there a way to delete all PM's from one user via a SQL statment?

    I have always kept all PM's that I thought were important, but with that number pushing 600, I would like to prune them. When I imported, it marked everything as new, which isn't ideal, so now I am looking for a way to remove just my PM's. I have already ran a SQL update to mark them as read...
  18. Jamie

    Alerts no faded away on my site like this one

    When I get an alert on this site, I can hover over the Alerts Tab and any new ones will be listed, but will fade away (marked as read) after a short hover period. On my site, I have to click the Alert link to get it to remove itself from an active alert. What am I doing wrong, or how can I fix...
  19. Jamie

    Very excited! Converted my community to xF

    I run a smaller Christian community and had bought another Christian community about 4 months ago and I have been wanting to merge the sites under my IPB site. Then xF came out and even thought it's Beta, my excitement got the best of me, so tonight after testing, asking questions and getting...
  20. Jamie

    Importing messages by date range.

    Is it possible to import messages by a date range? I have had my database converted from IPB to vB so I could move to xF and everything has worked out well.. but then I thought that during the few days I am getting all of this done, I will miss some threads and posts that were posted on my...