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  1. schroeffu

    XF 1.5 Batch Delete User by Homepage/Location

    How can I batch delete all users by a specific homepage and/or location field? Spam-Accounts in my Forum are usually set their Location to "new york" or "New York NY". There are about 500 Accounts like this. Any help to delete them with a batch job is welcome :-)
  2. schroeffu

    XF 1.5 Batch Delete Profile Posts Awaiting Moderation

    Hi together, is there still no option to batch delete all the profile posts, which are awaiting moderation? I have 652 SPAM entries - is there no batch delete filter available!? Thanks for the help :-) Lot Regards
  3. schroeffu

    XF 1.5 How to prevent SPAM from Google/Facebook Login Accounts

    Unfortunately the most SPAM on my board is from google/facebook sso registered in users. I have already added ASKIMET, that does wonders, but 1-3x a week some spam goes still public. What options do we have in Xenforo, to prevent SPAM from google/facebook logged in users? I mean, the option to...
  4. schroeffu

    Super Live Search - An example of how it should be

    Here's an example how Xenforo should extend their Enhanced Search towards "Super Enhanced Live Search": (thats from xenforo board https://boerse.to - it's their own implementation with javascript [AngularJS?]) This "Super Enhanced Live Search" goes through Threads: 676.907 (!) Answers...
  5. schroeffu

    XF 1.5 Super Enhanced Live Search (Elastic) - is there a Roadmap for future Xenforo versions?

    I would like to know the roadmap about Xenforo's Enhanced Search. Could please a developer check out the super Enhanced Live-Search on this xenforo board: https://boerse.to: As you can see, they provide with Javascript (AngularJS i guess) a very enhanced live search. With ElasticSearch...
  6. schroeffu

    XF 1.5 Highlight unanswered Threads in Discusscion List

    Hi all, is there an easy way to highlight unanswered threads in discussion lists? A custom colored background for these threads @discussionlist would be enough. any idea? A lot regards
  7. schroeffu

    XF 1.4 Enforce avatar during registration

    Dear Support & Community, does Xenforo include an option to enforce the Avatar-Upload during registration? Only G+ and Facebook Accounts are displaying their avatar by default. Couldn't find so far an option and no Plugin regarding the standard register forms. How to realize that? - No...
  8. schroeffu

    XF 1.4 Spam Proetect: How to block first Posts with URLs included?

    Dear Community, again i had some spam attack in the forums. They register itself as human, and spam the forum as a bot. Xenforo Question: How can I force to manually approve the first thread/post, when this new users first post includes an URL/a Backlink? Thanks for the help!
  9. schroeffu

    Resource buyed on xenforo.com not anymore download-able ?

    I'm pretty sure i've buyed a resource with price of 40GP on xenforo.com , couldn't remember i've buyed them on another site. Also since then it's in WATCHED status for me. This resource is not anymore in Download Status, it's asking me again to pay them. - is there a time limitation to...
  10. schroeffu

    XF 1.4 Forse SSL for Login-Form

    Hi Team, i've the problem that some plugins aren't running while SSL is active for every site (XenRio Streams for example), so is there any option to only force the Login-Form use SSL/HTTPS, but not on other sites/(sub)pages? Thanks for any idea. Regards Schroeffu
  11. schroeffu

    XF 1.3 Registered Feeds make invisible from "recent activity"

    Because i've a RSS Feed import with much updates, it's spamming the "recent activity" completely. Plus, i'm using a "Recent Threads in Sidebar" Module, it's showing nearly only the RSS activity.. Please, could you me explain how to make entries invisible from recent activity? Is there an option...