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  1. CaptainMorgan

    Creating a Callback for Custom Fields for Enumeration

    I realized my initial post was sorta crap. So I'm redoing it. How in the templates do I enumerate a list of Custom User Fields, that match a unique fieldId value, for display on a message's postbit? For example, output should like so: 1. Mechanic 2. Plumber 3. Carpenter My message_user_info...
  2. CaptainMorgan

    XF 1.4 Differentiating Profile->Info and message_user_info, for Custom User Fields

    So I have some custom fields set up with default settings, and I'm finding that their values are displayed differently between the profile-info tab and a post's message info. Here's how it looks on posts (messages). Here's how it looks on profiles->information tab. For one, in posts, there...
  3. CaptainMorgan

    XF 1.4 Duplicating member_list_item for XenStaff-like AddOn

    Following @Jake Bunce 's advice, I was able to get this working on the member_list_item template. I have two concerns. 1) I created a duplicate of the member_list_item template so that my code would not interfere with other stock XF templates. Naturally, {$user.customFields.field_id} works only...
  4. CaptainMorgan

    UserBlurb Partially Appearing in Separate Template

    In the member_list_item template, there is the following line: <div class="userBlurb dimmed">{xen:helper userBlurb, $user}</div> This allows for something like the following: I'm trying to duplicate this feature on a page, within an addon, yet the code is identical: <div...
  5. CaptainMorgan

    Lack of interest Signature Image Limits

    Please implement image size maximums in signatures based on user group configuration. Something similar to this, only this addon unfortunately is for all groups inclusively. I need further granularity so that the image sizes maximums are based on what group the user falls are in. This is...
  6. CaptainMorgan

    Caching for My Plugin

    My plugin relies on 3rd party urls getting examined and their server uptime, not via database storage that XenForo is running on. (would this be a better solution?) I found several examples online, but apparently the XenForo templating system doesn't agree with the examples since I get Template...
  7. CaptainMorgan

    Trying to Attain a Variable within a Template

    My Listener contains a function to load the ControllerPublic Index.php I've made. It also contains my templateHook that determines where in the sidebar the admin would like to display this particular block for his users. In the ControllerPublic_Index, and for testing purposes, I've stripped the...
  8. CaptainMorgan

    XenPorta Block?

    Wasn't sure where to put this... I've seen this on a couple of sites now: Only, the code that comes with XenPorta doesn't contain this block, and I've searched through the add-ons to find one that does this and came up empty. Do you recognized this feature? Hovering over a name shows the...
  9. CaptainMorgan

    Other Sub-Forums Grid

    Not sure where this is supposed to go, but since the thread I found is archived, I have no choice but to start a new thread. Concerning this post: fattony went unanswered - Question is, how do I make it...
  10. CaptainMorgan

    XF 1.3 HR Alternative for Menu Dropdown?

    Here is the code I'm using in the navigation template. <!-- forums --> <xen:if is="{$tabs.forums}"> <li class="navTab forums {xen:if $tabs.forums.selected, 'selected', 'Popup PopupControl PopupClosed'}"> <a href="{$tabs.forums.href}"...
  11. CaptainMorgan

    XF 1.3 Can't Delete Reports?

    Hey folks - I did a search here and oddly enough it was not very helpful; used "can't delete reports". Is it possible to delete reports from the Admin interface? Or do I need to do so via the database? Can you briefly elaborate why this feature is not core? (I did not see any add-ons either...
  12. CaptainMorgan

    XF 1.3 Adding Secondary User Groups to Profile Information

    Is this possible? If it is then I'm having trouble locating the setting... I also did not find any related resources (mods) that would do this. So in a user's Profile Page->Information tab, would it be possible to list the secondary groups user is in?
  13. CaptainMorgan

    XF 1.3 DB Size Question - Styles Ever Get Deleted?

    I'm coming from a small but successful IPB 3.3.x installation that from my record never tapped out beyond 30 MBs for the size of the database. Converting to XF has been fun and I'm currently at RC2. In our dev environment, with some add-ons installed for basic functionality (XenAtendo...