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  1. Mr.Smith

    Topic title string

    I wish to repeat the topic title at the end of the topic so can a user can search for more topics with the same title. Can anyone help me on how to add the variable again in the same topic? thanks
  2. Mr.Smith

    XF 1.1 Unknown column 'user.user_id' in 'on clause'

    Since day one of my XenForo installation , I have been facing this error. I have tried everything : Changing Servers Upgrading Fresh install and what not. Every few hrs the user_id column goes missing automatically. I have to restore backups all the time :( I would appreciate some...
  3. Mr.Smith

    XF 1.1 User Upgrades Order

    Is there a way to order user upgrade subscriptions? the longer period first or so?
  4. Mr.Smith

    A simple mysql command

    Can anyone help me with a simple mySQL command to grab 10 mod logs from the last 24 hrs from the xenforo DB? I just need to do a basic script so that the mods can see the logs themselves (only number of actions they have performed). thanks!
  5. Mr.Smith

    XF 1.1 Clearing unwanted data

    I wish to delete the following: 1. Soft Deleted Threads 2. Mod logs 3. Admin logs and other unwanted logs/old Pms which could keep the database size low for backups :) I would appreciate some help! Thanks Smith
  6. Mr.Smith

    Duplicate Inline Modding in Search

    We could have inline modding options in search to have some quick help for moderating? thanks Smith
  7. Mr.Smith

    Thread Limit for xF 1.1.x

    Is there any available thread limit addon working for 1.1.x? Would appreciate some help :)
  8. Mr.Smith

    XF 1.1 xf_session_activity table

    I have just converted my vBulletin board to XenForo I have been having problems with my session_activity table (MEMORY TABLE). It has overheads on the table and every few hrs, it goes empty (Queries start building up up in mySQL process list : Copying to tmp table) leading to downtime with...