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  1. Graham Smith

    [SC] Instagram Widget no longer works Can you update your instructions with an alternative please?
  2. Graham Smith

    [BS] Scheduled posting

    Yes, we’ve noticed all these issues too.
  3. Graham Smith

    [cXF] Twitter Widget [Paid]

    Many of your add ons require you to create a Facebook App ID, but in your instructions, the link points you towards However, that link no longer works. Can you please update?
  4. Graham Smith

    [BS] Scheduled posting

    This works fine, but one thing of note. If I schedule a thread for 0600hrs, the first post in the thread shows at that time. However, the thread time shows when you submitted it, and not the time of the post. Is this intentional? This screenshot will probably better explain what I mean.
  5. Graham Smith

    [cXF] Facebook Group Widget [Paid]

    This link in the installation instructions no longer works:
  6. Graham Smith

    [cXF] Advanced Footer [Paid]

    Yep, have downloaded it again, and reinstalled. All good now.
  7. Graham Smith

    [cXF] Advanced Footer [Paid]

    I can’t find anything wrong. Maybe I’ll have to reinstall it?
  8. Graham Smith

    [cXF] Advanced Footer [Paid]

    Yes, it certainly looks as though something in the cxf_advanced_footer.less template has been changed. How do I revert it back to the original?
  9. Graham Smith

    [cXF] Advanced Footer [Paid]

    Bought this ages ago, so as I'm confined to home, have only just got round to installing it. Unfortunately, am getting a ton of server errors: Any ideas? The footer's looking like this: Options:
  10. Graham Smith

    XF 2.1 Communication/Notices

    Have just configured a notice in xenForo 2.1. We have a number of custom user fields such as one called "forename" However, when I use {$xf.visitor.Profile.custom_fields.forename} within a Notice, it doesn't work. Am I trying to do something that xenForo can't?
  11. Graham Smith

    XF2 [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO [Paid]

    Hi @Jaxel Just a thought for your next release if it's possible. We currently use XenPorta 2 and XenAttendo 2. Both work great and we love using them. However, if we have an event on a certain day, once we promote the thread to an article, we have no way of putting the article in any...
  12. Graham Smith

    [BS] Scheduled posting

    It would be useful to also Schedule Posting of Resources.
  13. Graham Smith

    [XenConcept] Login As User [Paid]

    How comes all the Xen Concept add-ons have been removed? This particular one - Log In as User I found particularly useful.
  14. Graham Smith

    [BS] Scheduled posting

    Just installed. Works a treat. Thanks for this - top work.
  15. Graham Smith

    XF2 [8WR] XenAtendo 2 (Calendar) PRO [Paid]

    Yeah, I thought about that, but we'd lose the old event from the calendar then. We really need to keep the old events there so we know what events people have been to.
  16. Graham Smith

    XF2 [8WR] XenAtendo 2 (Calendar) PRO [Paid]

    Have you thought about a 'duplicate' option? Many items in our calendar are repeated year on year. Same images, same time, same location etc etc. All that changes is the date. For example, we have an event in February 2020 which is virtually the same as the one we held in February 2019. It...
  17. Graham Smith

    XF 2.1 Search and Replace text in posts

    One of our members has asked for their username to be changed, which we've now done. In any 'quoted' text, their old username still exists. Is there a way of doing a global search and replace for text?
  18. Graham Smith

    Bulk Upload

    An easy way of bulk uploading/importing resources from a .csv file would be REALLY handy, and potentially save hours.
  19. Graham Smith

    Featured resources [Paid]

    Thanks Andy. Have just sent you a PM.
  20. Graham Smith

    Featured resources [Paid]

    Hi Andy. We find this add-on really useful, but having just one Featured Resource is a bit limited. Is there any chance of looking at it, so there's an option to choose how many Featured Resources you'd like to appear within the widget?