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  1. caino79

    XF 2.1 LightGallery - fullscreen images are unavailable

    Hello, often I have in my forum an error lightGallery :- data-src is not pvovided on slide item 1. Please make sure the selector property is properly configured. More info - There is not a clear casuistry: the same picture...
  2. caino79

    XF 2.1 Hide "New patch" button from the dashboard

    Hello, I need to hide the auto update button, from the dashboard, to my other forum admin. There is an option, or at least a css rule, to do this? Thanks.
  3. caino79

    XF 2.1 New users cannot see anything

    I'm not the only admin that access to the backend, then I cannot know if anyone accidentally changed something. I have a forum that will start soon. My problem is that only UNREGISTERED users can see the forum. If someone logged in, receive a permission error on all pages and nodes (see attached...
  4. caino79

    XF 2.0 Regenerate hash for XF addon

    Hello, I need to regenerate the hash file for XF addon but I have this problem: C:\xampp\htdocs\xenforo>php cmd.php xf-addon:rebuild XF No add-on with ID 'XF' could be found. Where am I wrong?
  5. caino79

    XF 2.0 Rebuild templates hourly

    Hello, I have an external python function that write hourly directly on xf_template_modification table. How can I created an entry on Xenforo Cron and rebuild the templates hourly too? Is not important the contemporaneity of the events. Thanks.
  6. caino79

    XF 1.4 Add 1st post on existing thread

    There is a tool to do that? Obviously only for Mods. Thanks!
  7. caino79

    Found function linked to a button click

    Hi guys, how can i find a function linked to a button click. For example the "Save template modification" button on click redirect to link "/forum/admin.php?template-modifications/1/save". How can i find the function on php code called by this link? Thanks.
  8. caino79

    XF 1.3 Force template rebuild

    Hello guys, I have an external app that inject modification on template directly to DB. (xf_template_modification table). How can i force refresh of modification? Is it possible do that using cron? Or in another way? Thanks.
  9. caino79

    How to force Template Modification refresh

    Hello guys, I have an external app that inject modification to template directly to DB of Xenforo. (xf_template_modification table). How can i force refresh of template modification? Is it possible do that using cron? Or in another way? Thanks.
  10. caino79

    XF 1.2 How to automatically copy header from website to forum

    Hey guys, i have my website and forum on two different server. I need to copy hourly the header from website to the forum header template and refresh it. Have you any idea how can i do that? Thank you.
  11. caino79

    XF 1.2 Move "recent activity" link

    Hello, i would like to move the "recent activity" link from the "Tablinks" of "Members" to the "NavTabs". Add the link is easy <!-- recent --> <li class="navTab"><a href="{xen:link 'recent-activity'}" class="navLink">{xen:phrase recent_activity}</a></li> but when i open...