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    Enhanced Search 408 Error

    We had the server team upgrade to a more recent version of Elasticsearch. We installed Enhanced Search. When trying to rebuild the index, we get the following error very shortly after hitting the rebuild button. XFES\Elasticsearch\BulkRequestException: Elasticsearch indexing error...
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    XenForo 2 redirect_to parameter on Login URL not working

    I just upgraded to V2. In V1, I had login links with redirect_to that let users to redirect to that URL after login. But this is no more working after i upgraded to V2.
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    Not a bug 1.5.20a privacy acceptance issue

    Our EU users are complaining about having to accept the terms/privacy multiple times. Some of them mentioned having to accept on every page.
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    XF 1.4 Possible to mirror a thread?

    Is it currently possible to mirror a thread across two or more forums as a default setting of Xenforo? It's something we'd need to do on occassion with vBullentin and I can't find any reference to XF supporting it. At best just found some discussion on people hoping someone would create an...
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    XF 1.4 How much stress do alternate skins put on a forum server?

    Hi We're aiming to have an overall skin for our forum with selected fixed alternate skins for specific sub forums. We've been able to create one such skin but found that in trying to clone that/our base skin the system really didn't like it and it actually broke the forum for a bit. Is this a...
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    XF 1.4 vBulletin import not copying private forums

    Hi We're currently porting over a 4.2.2. vBulletin forum to xenforo. File errors meant we had to start the import over fresh. This has somehow created a clone set of empty 'ghost' forums for all public areas but more importantly the private forums we use for admin/mod duties and coordinating...