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  1. Akrion

    Aurora - [Deleted]

    Akrion submitted a new resource: Aurora Elegant XenForo look for the masses Read more
  2. Akrion

    Alerts popup box (Lower left corner) template?

    Pardon my ignorance but can anyone point me to the template which handles the new alert popup box which shows in the lower left corner of the screen? I have been asked recently to include support for it in the Aurora theme and I am little confused if this was a feature which shipped with 1.1 and...
  3. Akrion

    Implemented Template contents search

    I apologize if this has been posted/suggested already or I have missed this in xF feature set ... I have been struggling these days with the updates to few of my themes due to the various places I have made changes to the default theme. I would like to suggest to have a search feature in debug...
  4. Akrion


    See the resource:
  5. Akrion

    Who is going to BlizzCon 2011?

    So who is going this year?
  6. Akrion

    Fixed DELAYED INSERT - Issue with InMotionHosting

    Ok guys, I really need somebody from XenForo Ltd. to take a look @ this since I am going on and off with inmotion hosting for about 15 emails and more then 2 weeks. Here is their last reply: "Hello, Thanks for getting back to us. At this time the biggest concern we have would be with the...
  7. Akrion

    How to find adequate blog/article writers?

    I would appreciate if people can recommend or suggest/explain their ways of generating content for their blog/site initially. Are we talking about mainly hiring blog writers (pay per word type thing) or there are more creative and less costly ways of achieving similar results. As always I...
  8. Akrion

    Audi Funny Commercial: The Car Carrier

    I thought I would share this quite funny Audi commercial:
  9. Akrion

    Audiera Style

    Hi guys, This is a project of mine for quite some time now and I would really appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism. The link: Looking forward for your feedback. Thanks again.
  10. Akrion

    Logo and (later on) Banner rotation

    Hi guys, First of all Love XenForo! Amazing product! I am not sure if this has been suggested but I personally would love to have my logo change with a different image on reload of the page. Does this sounds like a good idea? Thanks.
  11. Akrion

    How do I change the default avatars?

    Hi guys, I am building a custom style and I am @ the point where I would like to modify the default avatars (Male, Female and the ? one) ... so my question is - is that doable through debug mode menus or I have to replace the default style avatar images in the "avatars" folder? Thanks in...
  12. Akrion

    Add new style property - What am I missing?

    Hi, I just installed xenForo and I am trying to create a new style/theme. I did see some videos and screenshots where I see the Add Proeprty button but I do not see this in my installation. An quick hint of what am I missing will be very appreciated! Thanks in advance!