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  1. Gultog

    XF 1.1 How to make a resources area like

    I have a forum need to use that feature to update their subtitles. Anyone please tell me how, thanks :)
  2. Gultog

    About RSS system

    I have installed the XenPorta addon and get RSS from a forum that I make into news forum on my Facebook. But anytime I edit my news thread or there anyone comment my thread, it update again on my Facebook. Is there any way that prevent this, make one news appear on Facebook on ly one time?
  3. Gultog

    Where is the addon that help user can use HTML?

    Sorry, I know there is a thread about this somewhere, but I can't found it. Please help me, thanks :)
  4. Gultog

    How to change forum ID and member ID?

    I have try to change many thing (with user_ID & forum_ID in its term) in phpadmin but seem like that hopeless. Anyone here please help me :(
  5. Gultog

    How to keep View of the thread not destination?

    I have join 2 thread and choose one is destination, but then all View of other topic gone! Now how to edit the view of that thread again, and then how to make them dont gone after join?
  6. Gultog

    How to arrange the Navigation Menu?

    How to Arrange this? I want to change the order here :( And, how to remove something on Nav Menu but still keep it work? For example, there will be not Media in menu, but anyone has the link /media can still access XenMedio.
  7. Gultog

    How can I make a forum that only staff can see it?

    Sorry for this noob question, but I have found a hour in ACP and give up. Anyone please help me, thanks :)
  8. Gultog

    The "Happy Birthday" song for member

    I have this idea. We will have the addon that make forum autoplay the "Happy Birthday" song when a member have his birthday in that day come to forum. For example, today is 19/7, if anyone has their birthday in profile is 19/7 come to my forum, the "Happy Birthday" song will play. I think that...
  9. Gultog

    Problem about the template modification "Let's get started (for 0 posters)"

    You can see that template modification here. At first, he said to find this code in PAGE_CONTAINER : <!-- top breadcrumb, top ctrl -->. But in PAGE_CONTAINER there is not that code, my XenForo is 1.0.3, anyone please help me.
  10. Gultog

    How to make staff can edit the time of post?

    My forum have many old documents, but if i post the thread, it counted as new thread and appear on the head of forum. I want to edit the time of thread to made them comeback to behind. Anyone can help me? :)
  11. Gultog

    How to make the banner at the center?

    I know there is a thread somewhere advise this but i can't fint it, sorry. Anyone see it please tell me, thanks :)