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  1. Artenen

    Joomla 3.8 & xenForo 2 integration?

    I'd be interested in this as well.
  2. Artenen

    [Nobita] Social Groups (Teams/Guilds/Clubs) [Paid]

    Nope. I was in the middle of uninstalling it. Support ticket sent to xenforo.
  3. Artenen

    [Nobita] Social Groups (Teams/Guilds/Clubs) [Paid]

    Ya, now my site is locked up and I'm sol I guess.
  4. Artenen

    360 Photo Support

    I Post 360 video and pics all the time now. This is needed. VR groups, this would be a huge.
  5. Artenen

    MG 1.1 How to make a gallery & sub galleries only viewable/seen by specific group?

    Ya, adding albums to categories would be awesome. Albums keep track of our thousands of images from a single event. Categories work best for setting what type of media it is. However, these two functions don't work together so we are forced to add the media twice. Decided to just list videos via...
  6. Artenen

    change owner of image / media

    I too would highly value this as an add on. I use the change author add on daily now.
  7. Artenen

    [Endless Horizon] Social Share

    This is amazing! Thank you so much! It works for all threads, resources and events Doesn't show up in via phone unless the screen is in wide mode. I'm sure this is something on my end but... Would be AWESOME if this showed up in XenForo Media Gallery It's beautiful in resources area. I'm...
  8. Artenen

    New User New Thread

    Love the add on. Would be neat to have the thread not post until the user is approved unless that's an option and I missed it.
  9. Artenen

    Implemented Audio Player for XF media Gallery

    I would love this feature. We use podcasts and audio books a lot in our site. While Video rules, audio plays a special part in being able to listen to content on the road without the need to look at a phone. Our members constantly ask us to produce more audio content and I've been forced to make...
  10. Artenen

    XF 1.5 Invalid model 'XenResource_Model_Version'

    Being triggered by the manual rebuild process task. Also triggers when any add-on is being turned on. I'll contact the author.
  11. Artenen

    XF 1.5 Invalid model 'XenResource_Model_Version'

    After the upgrade to 1.5.9 I get error XenForo_Exception: Invalid model 'XenResource_Model_Version' specified - library/XenForo/Model.php:192 Not sure how to fix this.
  12. Artenen

    Changing seasons...

    Changing seasons...
  13. Artenen

    Lack of interest Close only your own posts per usergroup

    There is a moderator option to close forum posts (all) but nothing in the general permission to allow a usergroup to close only their own post (not others). This would be a good feature.
  14. Artenen

    A Little Logo Contest - Looking for Entries

    Howdy, I understand the "debockle". I have used for 3 of my designs now. For $25 is is awesome most of the time (though it can suck if you don't give the designer a good idea of what you're looking for). Overall for $25 it fits the bill... hope it helps.
  15. Artenen

    Podcast Plugin

    I was wondering the same thing