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  1. owls8521

    As designed @ Mentions don't work in resources

    If you use @ and a person's user name, it doesn't work in a resource like it does in a thread.
  2. owls8521

    Elasticsearch stopped working after website crash

    Elasticsearch was working fine for me for a few months... but then one day my web host had a problem, and the website crashed. I had to repair the Xenforo database, and then I restarted Elasticsearch. Everything seemed to be working fine. However, after maybe 30 minutes or so, Elasticsearch...
  3. owls8521

    Third party NoScript causing error on Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger

    When I put one of my urls into the Facebook Open Graph Object Debugger, I received the following error: I found that the following line in PAGE_CONTAINER was causing the issue: <noscript><style>.JsOnly, .jsOnly { display: none !important; }</style></noscript> I solved it by moving that line...
  4. owls8521

    Make text editor wider

    I don't understand why the text editor for posting resources is so narrow. It's a bit uncomfortable to type in. Please make it the same width as the text editor used for posting in the forum.
  5. owls8521

    Lack of interest Support Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards

    Please add the Facebook open graph tags and the twitter card tags to resources. This will require larger icons. According to my research, Facebook requires 200 x 200 and Twitter requires 280 x 150. Or you could allow people to attach media gallery images to resources as suggested previously. I...
  6. owls8521

    Lack of interest Add options for how thumbnail is generated

    Currently, it looks like the thumbnails are generated by fitting the width of the image and cropping the rest. The user should also be able to generate a thumbnail by fitting the height and fitting both the width and height. When you click Change Thumbnail, there should be a drop down menu with...
  7. owls8521

    XF 1.4 Control search result priority?

    I am wondering if it is possible to make resources show up higher in my search results and to make media show lower. Is there any way to control priority in general searches?
  8. owls8521

    Lack of interest Embed media at specific size

    Please add a size to the gallery bb code that resizes the media when it's embedded. You could add it to to the current BB code, so it'd look something like . This example would embed the media with id 1 and resize it to 100 x 150 pixels. You should also be able to separately constrain by width...
  9. owls8521

    Allow uploading a new version of an image

    Currently, there is no way to replace an existing image. This is strange, because when you edit a video, you can change the video url. This option should appear when the user clicks "Edit Media" if they have permission. I am also requesting a new permission for this.
  10. owls8521

    Upload new version of an image?

    How do I upload a new version of an image? Clicking edit media does not provide this option.
  11. owls8521

    XF 1.4 Any way to include prefix text in search?

    I was wondering if it is possible for the name of a prefix to be included in general searches. For example, if there is a prefix named Mega Man, and someone searches Mega Man in the search box, is there any way to make things with the Mega Man prefix show up?
  12. owls8521

    Lack of interest Allow ratings without reviews

    Please make it possible to rate a resource without allowing a review to be written. And please make this a separate setting for each category and/or resource, similar to what I suggested here. A use case: One thing I use the resource manager for is sharing news for my company. I think it is...
  13. owls8521

    Allow disabling of ratings per category and/or per resource

    In order for the resource manager to be more flexible, it should be possible to disable ratings for certain resources. Disabling per resource would be the most flexible and is what I would prefer, but allowing to disable them for a whole category would also be useful. There are many reasons for...
  14. owls8521

    Implemented Add Insert Link Keyboard Shortcut (Cmd + K)

    Most applications use Cmd + K (Ctrl + K on PC) to insert a link. Pressing this in Xenforo's text editor creates an ordered list. What was the reasoning for choosing that shortcut? Is there a list of keyboard shortcuts for the text editor somewhere? If there is already an insert link shortcut, I...
  15. owls8521

    Add Support for Prefixes

    Since both threads and resources support prefixes, having them in the media gallery would allow a more consistent experience.
  16. owls8521

    Lack of interest Set Resource Icon from Media Gallery

    Please allow setting a media gallery image as a resource icon as an alternative to uploading one.
  17. owls8521

    XF 1.1 Turn off counting of likes in particular forum toward user total

    Is there a way to turn off the counting of likes in a particular forum toward user total? It would basically be the equivalent of "Count messages posted in this forum toward user total" except for likes. I tried searching for an add-on with this functionality.
  18. owls8521

    Attachment Upload Fails Sometimes

    I've been trying to attach pngs to my messages, but there are some pngs that won't upload. The bar gets stuck at 100%. They are all different dimensions and sizes, and I don't notice anything consistent about the ones that don't work. Here is the error that is showing up in the console in Google...
  19. owls8521

    Not a bug  EXTRA.css doesn't override polls.css or account.css

    When I make changes in EXTRA.css, it gets overrided by both polls.css and account.css. It makes it impossible to edit css of polls or accounts without editing the css template files. I believe EXTRA.css is supposed to override everything, so I think this is a bug.