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    Being logged out of ACP.

    Hi, there. As I stated in a previous thread, a friend of mine wanted to test xenForo. So I installed xenForo onto his server from my account (and password-protected it of course - completely for testing purposes only). However, we're running into a few snags. Every time we login, it seems to...
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    Requesting permission to use license on a secondary server for testing only.

    Hi, there. I don't know if I'm posting in the right forums, or if I'm contacting you lot through the right means, but I do need to raise a question. A friend of mine is looking to replace his old forum software with something new. Although he is looking at a fair amount of remarkable free...
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    XF 1.5 Can't Upload Files over a certain size

    Hi, there. It's my second call for support today, it seems. I'll try to be brief, but detailed. I'm running some tests on my forum at the moment, and I seem unable to upload files or resources over 100kb, for some reason. I've checked my Admin Panel, and everything in there seems correct. I've...
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    XF 1.5 (Insufficient Privileges to Post Here)

    Hi there, fellow members and moderators alike. I am very new to the aspect of xenForo, since I'm used to SMF and vBulletin more. So, I'm having an issue regarding permissions. I've googled this issue, and I know there are similar threads, but they don't seem to answer my question, where's...