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  1. Olli2k

    XF 2.0 Send Mail Issue

    Hi, I have got some problems with my XF 2.0 sending mails. It is installed on my own root server and I had never any problems with sending mails or being blocked by mail providers. I have 3 examples, which are really strange to me: 1. Gmail User of mine was not able to receive mails which...
  2. Olli2k

    XF 2.0 All Attachments Images disappear

    Hi, jsut finished my Migration from vB4 to XF2 via XF1.5. Everthing was working perfectly, but since friday, most of places where should be an image shows only this symbol: Image proxy is active (standard values). Deactivating image proxy jus results in complete no trace of old images. Is...
  3. Olli2k

    XF 2.0 Widget limitations

    Hi there, my current focus is on do some self permissions on some widget of mine. I already found this thread: Exactly what I need, but it doesn't seem to be realized. So I have found this piece of code in...
  4. Olli2k

    XF 1.5 Paypal account

    Is it really necessary to have an business account for using upgrades? In my case some of my friends and me use this system to share some costs. So there is no business, but I need a automatic solution for User pays this and gets automatically in another usergroup for paid amount of time. In vB...
  5. Olli2k

    MG 1.1 XFMG: Import From Photopost - vBulletin = No ratings

    Due to fact that there is no XMFG 2.0 from PP pro importer I wanted to import my PP pro vBgallery to a XMFG 1.x installation and then upgrade it. Everything is working fine, but not picture rating. Importer says successfull after not even a second with 1 task. So what I checked so far: there...