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  1. George Housley

    XF 1.5 .8 | Registering Error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function isChanged() in /home/traderealms/pub

    When I attempt to register: "Fatal error: Call to undefined function isChanged() in /home/traderealms/public_html/library/AndroidOs/NewUserNewThread/DataWriter/User.php on line 11"
  2. George Housley

    XF 1.5 .8 | Is it possible to implement LiveChatInc(.com) into admin.php?

    Is it possible to implement custom code into admin.php? I know you do it for the forums with Page_Container, I just dk where do put the code for the admin. RESOLVED!
  3. George Housley

    XF 1.5 Create Thread editor box doesn't work for me. Closed to general public rn, but if you can help me with the problem, I can log you on so you can see what's going on. So, I try to make a new thread, and I see everything but the editor box:
  4. George Housley

    XF 1.5 Reported...

    I recently got reported for having it on two sites. This was because I gave my XenForo license to a friend while I was waiting for my web host to shutdown my web hosting. Can you please spare me? Thanks.
  5. George Housley

    AssociationMC Not Working

    required parameter(s) missing help me plz
  6. George Housley


    Are these working on my forum? They don't seem to be working. My site:
  7. George Housley

    XF 1.5 Colored Names

    How do I do colored names? They aren't working for me.
  8. George Housley


    How do I find what themes/addons I have?