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  1. GeekyPhilip

    User Upgrade Statistics

    Hi, I have now migrated my last forum over to XF2 from VB4, WooHoo! Is there a plugin available that adds a user upgrade (paid subscription) statistics system like VB4 has? Thanks in advance. Phil
  2. GeekyPhilip

    XF 2.1 User upgrade statisitcs

    Hi, I am trying to find out how to view user upgrade statistics. This is really easy on VB but I cannot find it, it must be there I guess. Phil
  3. GeekyPhilip

    XF 2.0 Alert User criteria

    Hi, I am trying to configure an alert for a single user. When I enter Phil in the username field it selects all users with Phil in their username (25) rather than exactly Phil. I have read the manual but there is no information about expressions that may limit this to exactly that user...
  4. GeekyPhilip

    XF 2.1 Importing vBulletin 4 recurring paid subscriptions.

    Hi, I am about to change one of my forums from vBulletin 4.2.5 over to Xenforo 2. My concern is that the paid subscriptions won't transfer correctly and that the recurring subscription won't renew. So my question is: Does the importer correctly import recurring paid subscriptions from...
  5. GeekyPhilip

    XF 2.0 Unable to select text in editor

    I am using the default style but I am unable to select text in the editor input text field. If you click "toggle BB code" then you can, but when you click back it prevents text selection again. This is a real pain as it prevents highlighting for text formatting.
  6. GeekyPhilip

    vB4 to XF2 - Paid Subscriptions

    Hi, I am considering moving two forums over to XF2 (vB4 and vB5). I have looked at the demo admin panel and read the manual but I cannot find a way to replicate vB paid subscriptions. I am guessing that there must be a way to do this? Phil