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  1. Kelso

    XF 2.0 The table 'xf_session_activity' is full (after upgrade to xenforo 2 from 1)

    I have been dorment for a while. Decided to upgrade to xenforo 2.0.4 and am now getting this message. Any idea how to fix it? Googling around I found some generic advise, but this is odd as the table has 6 entries, but does show some overhead in phpMyAdmin. XF\Db\Exception: MySQL query error...
  2. Kelso

    XF 1.2 Partial reinstall today, and now smilies are.... strange..

    All of my smilies now have a broken image in front of them. I can goto the image path while editing the smilie and its normal, but on the forum and in admin, its like shown below. I searched for a way to rebuild smilie cache.. I also added and removed some hoping it would do the trick, but no...
  3. Kelso

    Problems installing addons now..

    Do to me being a complete moron, i removed my innodb data earlier. I wasnt doing proper backups either. I accept this and must start from scratch. Im having an issue now with installing my addons again, im getting this with many of them and not sure why. Assistance would be great! thanks...
  4. Kelso

    I messed up! Deleted ibdata1...

    I made the mistake of deleting ibdata1 from /var/lib/mysql, unforunately the service was restarted and the delete file is now gone. MySQL wont start now due to this, and Im in desprate desire to get my site back up and running. 121210 11:11:10 [Note] Plugin 'FEDERATED' is disabled. 121210...
  5. Kelso

    My humble little minecraft site :) Still need a better logo, but for the time being, I think its looking ptetty good. Open to any and all suggestions :)
  6. Kelso

    Addition Moderator Tools (Similar to how it works in MyBB)

    In MyBB I could define new tools (in the drop down). I guess as such, they're not really tools as much as they are a shortcut for many things at once. I run a minecraft server, and require members to apply. As a mod, I gave them two additional tools. Accept/Decline. It would post a lengthy...
  7. Kelso

    Seeking full screen background image for minecraft site.. (and possibly a logo)

    Im looking for someone to come up with a sweet minecraft background and possibly a logo for my site. I dont have a huge budget by any means, but I'd be willing to pay for it to be done. Similar to what they've done here -> I made a few attempts, but...
  8. Kelso

    @username tweak?

    I've seen on another xenforo site, if you entered for exmaple @kelso it would link to my profile, also add an alert for the thread saying ive been mentions. What plugin/hack is this? Sorry if this is the wrong section.
  9. Kelso

    XF 1.1 Just migrated MyBB and have a small issue..

    All users PM's show as unread. Some people, including myself have over 1000, going to each one, clicking unfollow, would be a huge pain. Is there an easy way to mark all pm's as read, or an easy way to remove them other than the manual DB work I did on my own account?
  10. Kelso

    XF 1.1 Custom Moderator Tools?

    In MyBB, I could enable custom tools, to do various things. One was used as a canned response to reply to the thread with predefined data, and also close the thread. Is that possible with XenForo? BTW: I finally migrated my site over today after 1 month of testing and playing around :)
  11. Kelso

    Avatar replacement with skin from

    I dont know if this is even doable, but it would be awesome if we could some how cache/store locally the skin of a player from upon registration. I know its possible to reconstruct the skin using PHP, but the method linked below is not the way to do it for this idea...
  12. Kelso

    XF 1.0 Forum where user can only display his own threads?

    I didnt see any options for this in the node permissions, so I thought I'd write a quick thread to see if its even possible and how. If its in 1.1 I can wait for that too :) Essentially, we have two forums, one for reporting problems/people, one for appealing a server ban. We want them to be...
  13. Kelso

    Activating user accounts from 3rd party script..

    I was browsing about trying to understand the code on how I would achieve this, unfortunatly, OOP and Classes are beyond me. I run a game server, and i have a plugin so a user can activate thier forum account IN GAME, rather than email (since anyone can create 10000 email accounts), I was...