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  1. BirdOPrey5

    XF 2.1 When searching for users in Admin CP, anyway to find users who have entered anything into a custom field?

    Looking for some way to list all users who have entered anything at all into a specific custom field... I tried searching with an * or a ? or % but none of those work. I searched but could only find answers concerning searching via the front end (which is possible with a paid add-on.) Thanks.
  2. BirdOPrey5

    The Orville

    Is anyone else loving this show? It is better than any Trek besides DS9 and TOS imo. Even more amazing is that (besides TOS) almost every Trek has had a mediocre or awful first season, the first season of The Orville was brilliant. We're in the middle of season 2 now and without giving spoilers...
  3. BirdOPrey5

    XF 2.1 Any examples of editing the PHP output buffer in XF 2.x?

    Curious if anyone knows of any examples where the PHP Output Buffer is edited in Xenforo 2,x? This would be akin to the replacement_vars hook in vBulletin 3.x or 4.x or the Replacement Variable Manager in vBulletin styling tools. I did some Googling but not finding anything relevant. Thanks.
  4. BirdOPrey5

    XF 2.1 Emojis overriding smilies with same name? Anyway to stop without disabling emojis completely?

    So after an upgrade from VB 3.8 to XF 2.1.0, two different forums having same issue. Some of our smilies (that have been successfully imported) have names that conflict with emojis like 🤷 or : shrug : without the spaces... From the smilie chooser you see the correct (custom) uploaded image but...
  5. BirdOPrey5

    XF 2.1 Anyway to change "Like" text to "Rate" when viewing posts?

    So some of my users, especially on mobile,. are hesitant to "hover" over "Like" when they want to dislike or leave something other than a "Like." I can understand this being confusing and thought I might change the "Like" text to say "Rate" or something else instead, something to clue in it...
  6. BirdOPrey5

    XF 2.1 Anyway to import from VB 3.8 Albums into Xenforo Media Gallery 2.x?

    I've done this import on XF 1.x many times but not seeing any import scripts on 2.x... am I missing something obvious or is there no way left to import VB 3.8 / 4.x albums into the official Media Gallery?
  7. BirdOPrey5

    Anyway to make a redirect script for VBSEO Album URLs?

    VBSEO Album URLs are like this: There is absolutely no 'id' number in the URL. I was thinking initially I could make a redirect script similar to @Jake Bunce 's script for member profiles. My problem though is I don't...
  8. BirdOPrey5

    Have to give Kudos to Microsoft...

    So as they announced last month Microsoft took away the "pay-wall" that was requiring Xbox owners to pay $50+ a year to access Xbox Live Gold to be able to use Netflix, Hulu, and other video services that have charges of their own. Why should someone who just wants to access netflix have to pay...
  9. BirdOPrey5

    OMG... Long lost Legos from my childhood... Found!

    My cousin suspected they were in this garbage pail at my Aunt's house.. if you zoom in you can see some pieces near the top... a contrux piece and some Lego... The tree had to die... My cousin put some into a bin... well get them back next week hopefully.
  10. BirdOPrey5

    Brand new security camera catches guy kicking/throwing my garbage cans...

    Just got the camera setup a few hours before I went to sleep last night. Got woken up just before 4AM to some loud noises... Saw the trash cans were all over the place- replayed the video... sure enough...
  11. BirdOPrey5

    Anchorman 2

    Best movie of the year... ? More like best movie of the decade! :p
  12. BirdOPrey5

    Dexter - Final Season

    No spoilers in this post but be warned they may follow in subsequent posts. Season 8, the final season started this past Sunday, a few months early if you were used to the usual late September / early October start. They've divorced it from Homeland and have a new show Rob Donovan to follow it...
  13. BirdOPrey5

    How To Setup "Master Forums" AKA "All Topic"

    I have been receiving multiple requests on how to make "Master Forums" on XenForo. I have a vB mod that basically allows you to show the threads from multiple forums in a "Master" Forum. When you click on a thread title it will take you to the thread in its native forum, so you may want to set...
  14. BirdOPrey5

    Anyone able to install XenForo on Powweb?

    The test script passes, says all is OK but when I go to run the install I get the following error and I've tried it on multiple powweb servers: The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request. The script had an error or it did not produce any...
  15. BirdOPrey5

    Facebook Like button working even without Facebook App ID?

    So i never bothered to put in a Facebook App ID into my Admin CP options and to my surprise the "Facebook Like" button still appeared in a thread... to my bigger surprise it actually worked when I clicked on it? It said (My Name) likes this. (Unlike). So I clicked "unlike" and it went away...
  16. BirdOPrey5

    Duplicate Personal Conversation Date

    I noticed today the date under the Personal Conversation title shows today's date (Oct 9, 2010). Never noticed this before. The correct date of the conversation is listed under "Last Post."
  17. BirdOPrey5

    Not a bug  Member Statistics - Awaiting Approval

    I don't know if this is a bug or "feature" but in the Admin CP under "Member Statistics" I was being shown "Awaiting Approval" is "0" but I had 3 users waiting to get their emails confirmed. I guess that isn't technically "Awaiting Approval" but I thought they would show up there. I had no way...
  18. BirdOPrey5

    LOL "MySQLi" Not Installed

    All ready to run my new copy of XF and immediately dead in my tracks... The required PHP extension MySQLi could not be found. Please ask your host to install this extension Oh well... It would have been nice to try. :oops:
  19. BirdOPrey5

    An interesting [forum] feature...

    I got hit with this yesterday... Someone starts a thread with this title then says something like: "Did you know the forum will auto censor your password if you try to post it? *******" And inevitably people fall for it and post their passwords. :oops:
  20. BirdOPrey5

    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Tool tip (title) for 'New Posts' Image

    Since there is no legend (nor do I want one) the little blue dot denoting new posts should really have a title attribute so that mousing over the image tells us what it means (Thread has New Posts) or such.