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  1. le-melvin

    can i install exnforo

    Problem solved
  2. le-melvin

    can i install exnforo

    Thank you for your reply I am already installed administrator. I just created a position My site Translation with google
  3. le-melvin

    XF 1.5 Xenforo installation on a nas error required PHP

    Hello I have a nas synology server I would like to install a xenforo Then I and try the script to see what is required The problem "The required PHP extension Iconv could not be found." I am looking for a solution Thank you for taking the time to read top My site...
  4. le-melvin

    can i install exnforo

    Hello It happens the same problem on my nas server( synology ) The required PHP extension Iconv could not be found Do you have an idea to solve my problem ? Translation with google
  5. le-melvin

    XenLoginSecurity [Paid] [Deleted]

    hi, you will sortire an update
  6. le-melvin

    XF 1.5 HELP PUBLISHED Redactor toolbar

    Hello I am looking to change redactor_toolbar URL. I explain that the bbcode [URL = http: // [/ URL] I voudre deven that adds another example automatically bbcode ( [/ URL] [/ b] thank you for your help cordially Melvin - Sorry tradusion with Google Bonjour je...
  7. le-melvin

    How can I remove some of the Redactor toolbar buttons?

    Hello I am looking to change redactor_toolbar URL ( [/ URL] [/ b]) cordially Melvin
  8. le-melvin

    [Resolved] error during installation

    problem solved thank you to you
  9. le-melvin

    [Resolved] error during installation

    Thank you for your reply. How I can find you a solution
  10. le-melvin

    [Resolved] error during installation

    yes absolutely it is an addon that I create and
  11. le-melvin

    [Resolved] error during installation

    Hello, I is an error in the XML system error Photo ( Error Please enter a number less than 1. ) thank you in advance my XML <removed>
  12. le-melvin

    Add [table] panel admin

    Hello good night Seek to make a table in the admin panel After having another application of my addons does not my vrement replied he told me (It's a bit complicated to explain.) is for its I just make a request How do you make a table in the admin panel (how the photo) sorry for my angel...
  13. le-melvin

    Addons Help Copyright

    Yes thats exactly it
  14. le-melvin

    Addons Help Copyright

    Hello can explain how to make a (Copyright) in php I'm a beginner I seek my I find anything that's her I made you a apple (already seen my code can not understand) <?php /** * Helper ******* Addon for EventListener. * * @package *******_*******Helper * Version 1.0.1 */ class...
  15. le-melvin

    Lack of interest textarea option edit format...

    Salut, c'est possible avoir un exemple ( templates & Panel ) Hi, it's possible an example ( templates & Panel )
  16. le-melvin

    s9e Media BBCodes pack

  17. le-melvin

    Thread Multi Moderation

    Any update to or different version of this?
  18. le-melvin

    XML need help

    Hello. I just had to call you. This week I thought why creates "learn" creates a small add-ons I began to seek how to make me well I démerde "We will say his" I show you a picture to see you or I blocks: I plan and test different faction I can not find my. I would like to deactivate /...