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  1. Janissary

    Add-on Yo want Review ?

    i have alot paid add-ons some coders expert but not smart some coders are really greedy i have 5-6 paid add ons from same coder and i have still his web page advertising link. From now on i will not review about add ons if producer wanna my review they have to pay for this thank who care this post.
  2. Janissary

    Add-on Bing Translator

    Bing gives this code for translation.You will paste this code to your page html and you will have translate buton. how can i use this with xenforo? bing wigdet adress code for page html <div id='MicrosoftTranslatorWidget' class='Dark'...
  3. Janissary

    Add-on Store Widget for RM

    i am looking for market widget renderer will work under Find user...You all think as a coder but i will put some items on my resource manager so i need this. it will show market activities like this, userSomeone bought yellow item (this item name and buyer name can be with link) userSomeone...
  4. Janissary

    Add-on what i wanna see

    i am looking for add on about user can select their threads group and they can make others invisible on main page for example .. Forum about cars and threads on main page like this about car models about car motors about car tires about car racing about maps about sound systems about...
  5. Janissary

    Add on Rules

    is there any add on rules? All authors and all add ons are trustable ? i noticed i can add resource 0.0 but i m not coder or you dont know me what i will upload as a add on. i am newbie and i didnt judge this until now because my page was weak rebuild is easy but now i dont wanna trouble in my...
  6. Janissary

    Add-on prevent vote from same ip

    i need prevent vote poll from same ip or better idea,i m using block same ip user and alter ego but i cant see who voted polls so i cant delete duplicate votes.i checked forums just brogan says (you can see via data base ) but data base is so far away village to me i am ordinary pc user and...
  7. Janissary

    Add-on about poll

    i need (which thread include Poll) selected users can see on main page forum list. it can be icon or text. i need (timer on Poll) users will see when vote will end .(not about close this poll after 7 days) thanks...
  8. Janissary

    RM 1.1 Downloads doesnt count

    hi i am using RM 1.1.1 with BR credit premium .. i created resources and sold them to different test users but it doesnt count ..Download are still zero at pairsjustified area and ratings area. by the way i didnt create resource fields because i dont understand is it data base area...
  9. Janissary

    Add-on sound alerts

    i am looking for sound alert system for new member,new tread,new post and maybe more option can be in it like user joined,user changed email,user changed avatar picture etc...some part sound alerts for just moderators some part for everyone...
  10. Janissary

    XF 1.2 rating.css

    i am noob not good but real :confused: can someone help me about this problem ?
  11. Janissary

    Add-on Virtual Money

    hi ,i need virtual money in my forum maybe you can create new ideas for your forums too. it will work like credit systems ,ppl will gain credit with actions in forum. ppl will have own vallet ,i will give new name to credit like fairy dust or pebble whatever ,until now i think i can handle...