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    export posts to rtf, html or pdf

    Does Xenforo have a utility to export all the posts in a particular topic/forum to rich text format or html or pdf? I have a very old discus board that has been up and running for 15 years. The mission statement is to collect, "preserve and protect" the information posted on the board. On the...
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    changing colours

    Playing with the demo this morning, I tried to change the background colour of the demo...there are three background colour windows , one is grey the other two white...I tried changing two of them but although it seemed successful, the colours on the demo forum didn't change correspondingly...
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    a question and a comment

    Question... Can Xenforo display inline video such as attached wmv clips or embedded Youtube videos? My comment is this...and please, this is not a rant or a criticism of anyone... I initiated a demo this morning and the thing that struck me right off the bat was that the graphics in the...
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    quick question....

    Does xenforo allow different emoticons or adding third party smilies to the default set?