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    XF 2.1 Wrong users online?

    Hi It doesn't have to be an error or bug, just I don't understand it... A few moments ago on my forum there was 90 users online, but on Google analytics (real time), putting "forum filter" there was only 6 users... I supose that if an user enter on the forum, and then go elsewhere, the forum...
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    XF 2.1 vBCms Comments

    Hi My forum first was on Vbulletin, and then imported to Xenforo.... ok.... but now I see (it was before, but I saw it now) three "vBCms Comments" nodes/forums on admin page, not visible to visitors. And the question is... why they exist? and ... Can I delete them without fear?
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    Switch from Mysql to MariaDb

    Hi When I buy a new dedicated server (well, renew it) i have the option to keep Debian 8 and Mysql or switch to Debian 9 and MariaDb.... Despite Debian 9 being better than 8, I keep with 8 because of Mysql... So .... What are the steps (with indications for stupids like me :)) to migrate...
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    XF 2.1 Ban e-mails

    Hi I know I can ban for example * (instead of,,, etc...) but.... can I ban all ".com" e-mails? I say that because recently a lot of users from ".pl" domains are trying to register on my forum, and those are "strange" and very...
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    Renovation price

    Hi It doesn't matter, but when the renovation/extension price changed from 40$ to 55$? Thanks
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    XF 2.1 Error upgrading from control panel

    Hi When I try to upgrade to 2.1.1 from control panel instead of uploading files and then upgrading, I get the following error: 404 Forbidden You don't have permission to access /foro/install/oc-upgrader.php on this server. Then I decide upgrade the normal way and everything perfect
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    XF 2.0 can't edit certain post

    Hi When I try to edit some posts on my forum I get the following error: ¡Oops! Hay problemas. ¡Oops! Hay problemas. Probar más tarde. Más detalles del error pueden estar en la consola del navegador. Only with some post, not all... and when I open the console on chrome as sugested: Why...
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    XF 2.0 users online seeing errors

    Hi Normally I only have 30... 40... maybe 50 users online. Ok... But now suddenly I have more than 100... Then I click on users online and there are a lot of "guests" with the following text under "Guest": "Viewing unknown page - A moment ago" -To the right of that phrase a triangle icon with...
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    XF 2.0 Users can't register

    When an user tries to register I get the following error: Email to ##### failed: Unsupported sendmail command flags [/usr/bin/phpmailer] src/vendor/swiftmailer/swiftmailer/lib/classes/Swift/Transport/SendmailTransport.php:146 #0 src/XF/Mail/Mailer.php(293)...
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    XF 2.0 Configuring sitemap

    Hi When I go to tasks cron I can't edit sitemaps options (days, hours...), and I get the message "Only a limited number of fileds in this item may be edited". I think sitemaps was part of xenforo not addon, right?
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    XF 1.4 Links on profiles

    Hi If someone (bot or human) make a post with spam links, we can easily detect it and delete. But how we can doesn't allow put links on profiles or signatures? Because I'm seeing some new members doing this, they doesn't write new post or send messages, only put links on their profiles. And...
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    Youtube videos on mobile

    Hi On my forum youtube videos are working ok on mobile version, but on the web/portal part it drives me crazy to fit videos on mobile version and if I put on css "width:100%" for iframes... they fit ok, but then other things within iframes (publicity ads for example) are "broken". Then...
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    XF 1.4 No ads for admnis

    Hi Now I have ads for ALL users (not registered, registered, admins.... all users) ... but I don't want to show ads for admins, only for not registered and registered normal users. How could I do that?
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    XF 1.4 multiple sitemaps

    How are the multiple sitemaps handled with this new feature when we have a lot of urls or the file is larget than 50 mb (uncompressed)? With previous add-on sitemap we could change url limit (for example each 10.000 url it splits automatically). And in google webmaster tools we have to include...
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    XF 1.4 Integrated sitemap and addons

    What steps we have to do if we have and add-on (cemzoo sitemap in my case) to delete it and use the new integrated sitemap that comes with XF 1.4? Some previous configuration? redirections? can we have problems if we just delete add-on (and old sitemap) and then use and submit the new? (Sorry...
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    Spoiler already expanded

    The spoiler tag works ok, everytime appears normal (hidden) and when click it expands.... everything ok... but when I include advertisements on "ad_above_top_breadcrumb"... all the spoilers appear already expanded and when I click on "see-hide" I'm redirected to forum home page...
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    XF 1.2 Branding Removal problem

    I just purchase the branding removal option and follow this: BUt I still see the branding at the bottom of my forum...
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    XF 1.2 Branding Removal

    Hi When we buy the "Branding Removal" option.... 1 - If we delete it manually... do we have to delete it again each time we update the forum? 2 - Can we delete it without doing it manually? (just download a new version and updating or upload the same version without updating)
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    Duplicate ErrorException: Fatal Error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION - library/XenForo/Mail.php:362

    I already resolved this problem with the patch for XF 1.2.1, but now.... there's any way to resend that e-mail confirmation to users who tried to register?
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    XF 1.2 Requiered thread prefixes

    Hi I'm with XenForo 1.1.5 and already have the "Require Thread Prefixes" mod, bought here: Now with the new feature added on xenforo... what I have to do? 1 - Keep using the mod and not activate the new xenforo feature? 2 -...