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  1. Chromify

    XF 1.5 Placeholders in Announcements

    Hi, I was just wondering if that things like {user} and other placeholders can be in announcements so the user feels as if its an email or something toward them. If it is in any newer versions of xenforo, please do let me know! Also please let me know if any addons have them, I can pay for any...
  2. Chromify

    XF 1.5 Like Rating Not Showing Up

    So I've installed PostRatings and when I add "Like" after I deleted it by accident the actual icon itself doesn't show up, odd. This is even if I hover it, it still says "Like".
  3. Chromify

    XF 1.5 Scrollable Signatures

    So people on my website are abusing the signature limit, and I'm wondering where I can limit the size so they need to scroll down if they have a big signature or go past a height limit. Thanks.
  4. Chromify

    XF 1.5 Default User Profile Pic

    Hi, If someone is new to my forums and they have not set their profile pic, how can I change how it looks by default? Thanks.
  5. Chromify

    XF 1.5 Website Not Safe?

    I just deleted the cloudflare configuration and that solved everything. Thanks anyway.
  6. Chromify

    XF 1.5 Website Not Safe?

    I do actually have one right now, the problem is either the provider of the SSL or my domain (nameservers). Not really a web expert, so I don't know which would effect the website in regards to adding an SSL
  7. Chromify

    XF 1.5 Website Not Safe?

    Hello, I'm not an expert with cloudflare or with GoDaddy, but I was wondering how to get rid of the not secured warning for my website: trade-mc.com Thanks
  8. Chromify

    XF 1.5 Customizing Main Page of Style

    @Optic @CarpCharacin @Ernest L. Defoe
  9. Chromify

    XF 1.5 Customizing Main Page of Style

    I want to replace the gray background and default background with a background image from my computer I want to replacethe logo Xenith from the logo I have I want to add a hyperlinked page so if I click on it, it will go to my store. I want to add "Theme installed by Zekt Official™ © 2016-2017"...
  10. Chromify

    XF 1.5 Customizing Main Page of Style

    I want to edit the HTML code of the main landing page of http://www.vanoxmc.com/forums
  11. Chromify

    XF 1.5 Customizing Main Page of Style

    The main page of my forums http://www.vanoxmc.com/forums
  12. Chromify

    XF 1.5 Customizing Main Page of Style

    Hi, Was wondering where in regards to file destinations where I can edit the HTML code of my main forums My forums is http://www.vanoxmc.com/forums
  13. Chromify

    XF 1.5 Automated Start a Conversation Message

    When someone tries to create a conversation with me on my website, how would I make an automated reply. For example:
  14. Chromify

    Add-on Private Form

  15. Chromify

    XF 1.5 Private Form

    What about the form part? Like an application of some sort is what I meant.
  16. Chromify

    XF 1.5 Private Form

    Hi, How would I make it so if you clicked on a Forum (not category) it would take you to a form and can only be viewed by certain groups? For example (scenario): I'm a default user and I click on a Test forum that bring me to form page where when I submit the form on the Test forum only the...
  17. Chromify

    XF 1.5 Applying Two Default Prefixes to a Forum

    Hi, Is it possible to apply two default prefixes to one forum? Thanks!